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10 Waterfalls Near Bangalore That Are A Great Escape From The Summer Sun

Greetings fellow travelers! What do you do when the summer heat starts to get to you? You get out of town and go to a nearby hill station, right? But what if you don’t have the time? Do you know what the best respite from nature’s scorching wrath is? Nature itself! Yes! The best way to escape the summer sun is by going to places that nature has gifted with the presence of water. That being said, here’s a list of the best waterfalls near Bangalore,

Jog Falls

The 2nd highest waterfall in India, the cascading waters of Jog Falls fall from a scary height of 830 meters. The path that the water takes before plummeting into the rocks beneath is a sight to behold!

Distance from Bangalore – 410 km

Abbey Falls, Coorg

Nestled between the gorgeous coffee plantations of Coorg, the untouched glory of Abbey falls offer its beholders a sense of supreme serenity which is a mind-blowing change from the bustling streets of Bengaluru.

Distance from Bangalore – 268 km

Mekedatu Falls

This waterfall flows through a gorge that is narrow enough for a goat to leap over it, hence the name ‘Goat’s Leap.’ Moving past the weird name, the falls are a place for refreshment for every visitor who takes a dip in the plunge pool.

Distance from Bangalore – 90 km

Muthyala Maduvu Falls

Located in a secluded area near the Bannerghatta National Park, the falls are surrounded by the most stunning lush greenery. Walking to the falls is, let’s just say, it’s an enchanting experience.

Distance from Bangalore – 40 km

Shivanasamudra Falls

Native Planet

The enormous falls at Shivanasamudra have been a hotspot for travelers looking for a cool place to chill for years, the enormous amounts of water that one gets to witness when visiting the falls evoke a feeling that cannot be put into words (in a good way).

Distance from Bangalore – 135 km

Chunchanakatte Falls


The waters of this waterfall are considered sacred because as the story goes, Sita from the epic Ramayana once took a bath in this exact place. Hidden in the woods, the shade and the water combine to form the best defence against the summer heat.

Distance from Bangalore – 205 km

Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls


The only man made waterfall on this list, these waterfalls were created because of the construction of a dam on the river Kaveri, since then, the place has become a hotspot for travelers looking to chill and shutterbugs looking for their perfect click.

Distance from Bangalore – 144 km

Hogenakkal Falls


The name of these falls translates to smoking rocks, which kinda makes sense if you take a look at the speed at which the water cascades down from between those rocks.

Distance from Bangalore – 127 km

Iruppu Falls


Another waterfall with a connection to the Ramayana, the story goes, that the falls came to be when Lakshman shot an arrow into the rocks to quench Rama’s thirst. The woods surrounding the falls are popular in trekking and camping circles.

Distance from Bangalore – 255 km

Chunchi Falls

Native Planet

A place untouched by nature, Chunchi falls and the area surrounding it evoke a sense of calm. Close your eyes and listen to the woods and the sound of the water falling and you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Distance from Bangalore – 90 km

And that’s about it folks! With summer being right around the corner, this would be the perfect time to visit these amazing places and chill in nature’s lap. As for the question of how you’re going to get there, Wheelstreet has got you covered, rent your favorite bikes! Why outrun the heat? When you can outride it!

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