What Holi is like for bikers

Holi is one of the most popular festivals in India and it’s also the most fun to celebrate as well. Different people celebrate Holi differently with the elders just opting to put teekas while the younger crowd, armed with water and all the colours in the world, wages an all out war with anyone who crosses their path. Let’s not forget the uncles who use Holi as an excuse to load up on bhaang and just go crazy. For bikers, however, Holi is a very different experience than the other demographics but that’s not to say it isn’t entertaining. Here’s what bikers go through during the festival of colours:

1. Have to watch out for aerial threats

What Holi is like for bikers
img source: telegraph

Bikers have to be very attentive to their surroundings to avoid any surprise attacks which typically involve eggs and water balloons being thrown at them.

2. Turn into MotoGP racers for one day

What Holi is like for bikers
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Every biker magically turns into Valentino Rossi when it comes to protecting their rides from the innumerable people who want to give a new paint job to every bike they see.

3. Traffic rules go out the window

What Holi is like for bikers
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For some reason, Holi is a day where traffic rules turn into guidelines which are happily ignored in the absence of a traffic cop (sometimes not even then). Bikes are treated like autos and their riders are more than happy carrying around 2-3 people.

4. Party hopping is so much fun

What Holi is like for bikers
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During Holi, you usually have to settle for one, maybe 2 parties that you can attend as your friends are scattered all over the place. But as a biker, you can hit every venue while riding around like a multi-coloured boss on your bike.

5. Controlling the urge to kill whoever throws colour on their beloved bike

What Holi is like for bikers
img source: xbhp

Riding on your bike when you’re drenched and covered in what look like all the colours in the world. But it’s a different matter entirely when someone throws colour on your bike while you had left it parked somewhere. There are few things that can piss off a biker more than coming back to see their bike vandalised.

What are your Holi experiences as a biker? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll surely add them to this list.

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