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What is Pushkar Mela 2018 All About?

Thousands of camels can be seen in the tiny desert town of Pushkar for the annual celebration of Pushkar Fair. It is indeed a peculiar and fascinating sight to witness and a golden opportunity to get your eyes on the age-old traditional style Indian festival. The primary intention behind arranging for this fair was to attract the local cattle and camel traders. This festival is held with all the pomp and frolic in the Hindu lunar month of Kartika. Even though this festival had started off with a business perspective, it has now become a major tourist attraction. Read more to know everything about this coveted fair!

When is the Fair Held?


The Pushkar Fair is held in the month of November but the date varies every year. The festival sets off with the camel action before moving on to the heightened religious celebrations.

Where and How is it Celebrated?

The Pushkar Festival is celebrated in the tiny town of Pushkar which is located quite close to Ajmer. The camels are decked up and they participate in beauty contests, dance and participate in races. Camel trading is also a common practice during the festival. A huge carnival is held with numerous musicians, dancers, magicians, snake charmers, acrobats in order to provide entertainment to the crowd.

What are the Rituals Performed?

The pilgrims attend this festival in order to bathe in the holy water of Pushkar’s lake and get rid of their sins. The two days around the full moon are considered to be auspicious and are considered ideal to take a dip in the lake. It is also believed that the people who take a dip in the lake receive special blessings.

What Can You Expect at the Fair?


Even though the number of camels at the fair have reduced with time, the event has become more tourist-oriented and commercialized. An important highlight of the festival is the camel races. Various other interesting and unique competitions held here like the long mustache and matka phod. You can also witness folk and fusion music concerts, temple dancing, heritage walks, and crafts bazaars.

Witness the Fair from Hot Air Balloon

You can witness all the grandeur of this festival from the skies if you opt for a hot air balloon ride. It will help you to get an adrenaline rush as well as enjoy every moment of the festival.

Where to Stay?

Since a lot of tourists flock to Pushkar during this time, there is high demand for accommodation. The prices increase on the basis of the demand and are often sky high. So it is always better to book your accommodation in advance.

How to Reach?

The closest railway station to Pushkar is Ajmer and you can easily get your ticket. You can drive to the town or rent a taxi. If you want to add a pinch of adventure to your trip then you can rent a bike from WheelStreet and cruise to the fair in ease.

Feeling excited about this festival? Time is running out! What are you waiting for! Grab our bikes, ride from Rajasthan, Ajmer or any other place nearby and head to Pushkar now!

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