What your bike says about you – Vol I

For bikers and enthusiasts, their rides are much more than just a mode of transportation; They are an extension of their personalities. A person’s preference for a certain bike is the same as them liking a particular musical genre over another. There’s no good or bad, just personal choice. That being said, it should be possible to determine a person’s personality, to a certain extent, based on the type of bike they ride. Check out what the following bikes tell us about their riders’ personalities.

1) KTM Duke

What your bike says about you - Vol I
img source: motorrad

Brash and unapologetic, KTM riders never shirk from danger. They have a wild side and don’t care much for nonsense like tradition and sentimentality. People who own a KTM Duke do so for the pure performance and style that the bikes have to offer. KTM riders don’t mind shelling out some extra money if it gets them the good things in life.

2) Yamaha RX 100

What your bike says about you - Vol I
img source: wikimedia

“Old is gold” is probably the mantra RX 100 owners live by. The fact that this bike is powered by a now illegal 2-stroke engine shows just how much they give a damn about rules and regulations. They are sentimentalists and love to reminisce “the good old days”. And there’s something so exhilarating in doing things that others criticise and hate, i.e., ripping around on a noisy 2-stroke bike with no regard for the environment.

3) Royal Enfield Bullet

What your bike says about you - Vol I
img source: hdwallpapers

Royal Enfield is the holy grail of bike brands in India. Its fan club comprises of those who love to be part of the legacy of thumpers. Royal Enfield owners would rather arrive at their destination in style and a little late than arrive a little early on a crotch rocket. They love the company and the feeling of brotherhood or they are solitary people, either way they just want be a part of something bigger. And they absolutely love to go on long road trips (obviously).

4) Kawasaki Ninja 300

What your bike says about you - Vol I
img source: pcwallart

Reliability and design are what Kawasaki fans look for before buying anything. They also probably love the colour green. Once they get used to a brand of a particular product, they find it hard to go for something new. Ninja owners have a great sense of adventure and will be up for riding any day of the week regardless of the destination.

5) Hero Impulse

What your bike says about you - Vol I
img source: heromotocorp

Versatility the word that perhaps defines Hero Impulse riders the best. They don’t like being conformed to certain ways and are always open to trying something new. Impulse owners are adventurous by nature and love to take up whatever challenge they face.

Do you have any of these bikes and if so do these personalities match yours? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get you the second part soon.

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