What your bike says about you – Vol II

We recently published an article about what your personality is like if you ride a particular bike (you can read it here). This is a follow-up article where we are listing out 5 more bikes and what the personality traits of the people who ride them are like. Check it out.

1) Kawasaki Z800

What your bike says about you - Vol II
img source: kawasaki-eu

Those who ride this bike are a bit too mature for “child’s toys” like the KTM Duke and prefer a more grown-up and definitely more powerful naked bike. They demand both looks and functionality (performance in the case of bikes) from everything in life and price takes a back-seat to quality when it comes down to it.

2) Triumph Bonneville

What your bike says about you - Vol II
img source: motoplanete

Triumph owners are loyalists and are more than willing to put in the time and effort for maintaining things that they truly care about in life, whether it’s relations with people or their precious bikes. They aren’t swayed easily by the latest trends and they give a hoot about what society says.

3) Harley-Davidson Iron 883

What your bike says about you - Vol II
img source: bikeindia

Never one to shy away from attention, H-D Iron 883 owners like announcing their presence when they arrive in style. Legacy is something they believe in very strongly and if they can afford it, they won’t think twice about splurging the cash on whatever it is they desire.

4) Triumph Daytona 675

What your bike says about you - Vol II
img source: roadsmile

Pragmatic and sensible, Daytona owners go for exactly what they need in life, nothing less and nothing more. The Daytona 675 is one of the best mid-range sport bikes in the world and is much more practical than litre-class superbikes. Daytona riders know when not to go overboard while pursuing things in life but will surely not settle for anything less than they want.

5) Triumph Tiger

What your bike says about you - Vol II
img source: autoevolution

True adventurers in every sense of the word, Triumph Tiger owners never shy away from a challenge no matter how difficult it is. They are very adaptable and are always well prepared for any adversity they may face in their lives. They never do the things the easy way and will always take the road not taken.

Do you have any of these bikes and if so do these personalities match yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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