What your bike’s colour says about you

Once you’ve selected which bike you are going to buy, the next obstacle is deciding the colour you want it in. With some bikes it’s decided for you, Ducatis are red, Kawasakis are green and KTMs are orange. But even they come with colour options and you end up selecting the one that looks the best to you.

Here’s what the colour you selected for your bike says about you.


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Just like with cars, black is probably the most popular colour to be used on bikes. While black symbolises power and luxury, it happens to look good on commuter bikes like the Yamaha FZ to the high end superbikes like Aprilia RSV4. Black is the perfect colour of choice for those who want their bikes to be noticed but don’t want to stand out in a crowd.


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White is not the most common colour for bikes but it’s certainly gaining popularity with a number of BMW and KTM models featuring it. Even the new Triumph Daytona and Kawasaki Ninja 300 come in white. It symbolises purity and class and has always been associated with concepts of purity. Also, almost every hero in a fairytale invariably ends up riding a wihte horse.


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The colour red is meant to evoke strong and passionate emotions and is probably the reason why it is the only colour that truly suits a Ferrari. In the biking world, the other Italian manufacturer of fast and beautiful vehicles, Ducati has become synonymous with the colour red. It is a colour that absolutely screams speed and style.


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When you talk about green bikes there is only one that comes to mind – Kawasaki. While the colour green is meant to have a calming effect associated with nature and peace, on a bike it usually means that you’re staring at a mean green Kawasaki. It was a stroke of marketing genius when the brand adopted the color back in 1968, developed by the late custom car painter, Molly Sanders, who rightly pointed out that no other brand was using that color. And nobody has since, on or off the road.


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This is the most commonly listed favorite color among men and it is a well known fact (in colour-psychology circles) that those who like blue are stick to what’s familiar and stubbornly do things their way, even if there’s a better way. Conversely, it’s associated with loyalty, faithfulness and sincerity. Blue conveys a sense of calm and security, two traits that don’t ordinarily come to mind when thinking about one of the most popular sportbikes ever made: the Suzuki GSXR.


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Yellow invokes warmth and cheer and the same time is a high-visibility, attention seeker. Probably why the folks over at Ferrari like using it. Personality traits associated with the color yellow are rather cerebral: using one’s mind instead of physical traits to accomplish goals, good at networking and problem-solving, while also arrogant, pretentious, and snobbish.


source: asphaltandrubber

The high-energy, high-visibilty vibe this colour gives off make it a favorite for motorcycles. KTM adopted the colour when emerging from bankruptcy in 1994 as a way of establishing brand identity. Good job; every KTM since then has featured this color. According to, people who’s “personality color” is orange are extroverted and sometimes flamboyant risk-takers who aren’t very good housekeepers.

So which colour do you prefer on your bike and do these descriptions apply to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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