Wheelstreet at The Bikerni group’s ‘Thank You’ ride


The Bikerni is an all-women biking club whose members symbolise women empowerment by standing tall in what has always been a mostly male dominated venture.  The Bengaluru chapter of Bikerni (an alteration of the Punjabi word Sardarni) was formed in February 2011 and has over 70 active riders in the city. “The club was formed with the sole motto of providing group-riding opportunities for women motorcycle enthusiasts. Today, we have over 150 members, including active riders and Facebook group members,” said Deepti Jacob, administrator, Bikerni Bengaluru.

On Sunday, 21st March 2016, The Bikerni celebrated International Women’s Day in a grand way by organising a ‘Thank You’ ride on behalf of the women for the support they have received in following their passion. The ‘Thank You’ ride, which began in Hebbal, Bengaluru concluded at the picturesque Nandi Hills and saw the participation of over 500 bikers including men and women from various biker groups in the city and even a few from other states. “We received an overwhelming response for the rally from the male biker groups. A team of women riders were leading the ride from Bengaluru to Nandi Hills. It was a great feeling,” added Roshini Miraskar from Bikerni Bengaluru.

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Wheelstreet at The Bikerni group's 'Thank You' ride

Wheelstreet is a bike rental company that shares the ethos of The Bikerni. Wheelstreet’s Co-Founder, Moksha Srivatsava is an avid biker herself and she talks about the discrimination faced by women bikers, “You have to deal with a lot when you’re a woman who likes riding bikes. Society has always depicted men as the stereotypical bikers and you have to break those as a woman. Any woman who is going on a bike trip has to deal with incredulity and I feel that’s really unfair. We at Wheelstreet wholly promote the idea of women going on solo or group rides and for that reason we decided to partner with The Bikerni for their ‘Thank You’ ride.”

Wheelstreet at The Bikerni group's 'Thank You' ride

There was an event held after the ride at Nandi Hills to honour the The Bikerni members’ accomplishments. The 7 core members of the group received awards as an appreciation for the way the managed to organise the event even with the demands of their jobs and busy lives. The way these women make time to indulge their passion for biking is truly inspirational and we wish them the very best for their future endeavours of which we sincerely hope to be a part of.

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