Wheelstreet: Your pit stop for a bike trip to Ladakh

The season is finally upon us and no, I’m not talking about summer. It is in fact that time of the year when all the die-hard bikers in India (and even some from other countries) embark on what is widely considered to be the ultimate road trip – the journey to Ladakh. Ladakh has become a sort of de facto Mecca for all bikers who want to call themselves adventurers or road-trip enthusiasts. Thousands of people embark on this journey from late April to early July so that they can say, or just know for themselves, that they took on one of the most challenging bike trips and they won. This year, Wheelstreet is stepping up to help more bikers achieve this goal by providing the one thing that’s the hardest to get by for a trip like this – a reliable bike.

Wheelstreet: Your pit stop for a bike trip to Ladakh

The charm surrounding the road trip to Ladakh is primarily due to its arduous nature. This is not a journey that any one with a license and a bike can take. It’s not the same as riding on a nicely paved National Highway with petrol stations, dhabas and service centres available at frequent intervals. No, a bike trip to Ladakh is a challenging and gruelling one. It tests your limits, both physical and mental; And while that aspect is completely up to you, riding there on a well-maintained and reliable bike is something that can be taken care of beforehand and it will definitely reduce your stress on the journey. This is where Wheelstreet is going to help you out.

Wheelstreet: Your pit stop for a bike trip to Ladakh
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Unless you’re a person who has an immaculately maintained Enfield in his garage and a decade of riding experience, a bike trip to Ladakh takes a lot of preparation and most of it is for the bike. Preparing a bike for such a demanding journey requires a lot of patience and expertise. The bike should be in near-showroom condition and everything should be functioning perfectly. A well-running bike won’t solve your problems, it will prevent them from even occurring in the first place. Another problem if is you don’t live in North India. Even if you have an awesome bike for this trip, getting it to Srinagar or even Delhi is a big headache as you’ll either have to ride there or get it on a train. That’s why renting a bike is the best solution.

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For all these reasons, Wheelstreet has a dedicated fleet of bikes on rent for anyone who wants to undertake the Ladakh trip. The bikes are all Royal Enfield and Harley-Davidson models that have been painstakingly serviced to ensure a completely problem-free ride for it’s customers. Any customer who rents a bike from Wheelstreet for a Ladakh trip will also receive a complimentary multi-purpose tool kit and a  luggage carrier. You can also avail discounts, the value of which depends on the duration of rent.

Wheelstreet: Your pit stop for a bike trip to Ladakh

Wheelstreet: Your pit stop for a bike trip to Ladakh

So if are planning to embark on this important and wonderful bike trip to Ladakh, consider renting a bike from Wheelstreet so that you don’t worry about if and when you’ll reach there but instead just be excited for what it will be like once you do reach.

This article is brought to you by Wheelstreet – India’s first bike rental platform.

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