Why Bikes Would be the Best Rides for Celebrating Holi in Mathura-Vrindavan

Now Wheelstreet is giving you all you need to have the best Holi of your life this year and still you want to know why you should prefer bikes over anything else? Well, we understand your concerns. The festival, though the most enjoyable, demands some caution. And hence, many prefer to leave their homes in safe cubicles. However, when Mathura-Vrindavan are in the scene, trust me, you don’t want to get on anything but the seats that rest on two tyres. Why? Well, read on!


Be just to the highway!

162 kms from Delhi, Mathura is best to be reached via road. Let Yamuna Expressway treat you through its smooth and broad roads. Forget the congestion of buses and grab the accelerators. Ditching this opportunity will be so unfair to the highway!

Oh, the weather!

Finally the time has come when both, sun and winds will smile at you in moderation. Controlling brakes or riding pillion, give a chance to embraces, cuddly hugs and all the good feelings. Could this road trip get any better?


Take a break, at the roadside dhabas!

Your ride and dhaba di chai! And khana! And maybe lassi too! Imagine your gang sprawled on the khats and charpoys (cots) and enjoying the lip-smacking desi food on your way to Mathura. Tempted already?


Mathura ki galliyan, uff!

Bikes won’t complain when the lanes of Mathura will gape at you with small openings. Imagine the horror of adjusting cars in those cramped spaces! Bikes, on the other hand, will happily find their way.


Better experience, and safe too!

What’s holi without getting a little wet and dirty?! And for the worriers, do not forget, along with the bikes we recommend protection as well. Keep those helmets on and enjoy the view while passing through every nook and corner. No balloons on faces and complete absorption of the vibrant atmosphere!

So, still thinking? I bet about renting!

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Simple, go to the official Wheelstreet website and follow some basic steps to book your bikes for the big event! Rent, roll and play like you’ve never before.

Celebrate this Holi with Wheelstreet!

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Rent and Roll for the Best Holi You’ve Ever Had

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