Why renting a bike is smarter than buying one

As a biker, there might have been a moment where you have been struck with a desire to ride a different bike. Not necessarily a better one, just something new, something different. Let’s say you own a sportsbike like the Yamaha R15 or a Kawasaki Ninja and the majority of your daily travel is through endless traffic. Riding either of  those bikes would absolutely destroy your back and wrists over long periods of time. Don’t you wish you could a more comfortable commuter bike at that time? Or maybe you do have a commuter bike that gives you a decent mileage but you would also like to go on road trips on the weekends, for which commuter bikes aren’t really ideal. What do you do then? You might ask a friend if he has the bike you need, or, you just rent whichever bike you need for the specific riding you need to do from Wheelstreet. Allow me to elaborate.

Once you buy a bike, you are bound to use it for a couple of years before you can think of upgrading. Hell, it might even take you that long to pay off the EMIs but let’s get back to that later. Your daily routine involves you commuting through heavy traffic to an office that’s far away from your house. For that purpose a commuter bike like the Bajaj  Discover will serve you the best. But you might also like going on long bike rides on the weekend; a Royal Enfield might serve you better in that regard. Maybe if we were all loaded like John Abraham and Salman Khan we could afford to keep one bike for each occasion in our garage; but we’re not and hence we need a system that satisfies our biking needs without draining our bank accounts.

Bike renting made affordable

That’s where Wheelstreet can help you out. You can rent bikes from a wide range at affordable rates for just a day upto a few months depending on your requirements. Going on a long road trip? Rent a Royal Enfield. Going to a bike rally? Rent a superbike like the Hayabusa to really stand out. Maybe you want to impress your girlfriend on the next date; rent a Harley Davidson. If you need a option better than a bus to get to office everyday, you can also rent bikes for a few months at a stretch if that’s what you need.

Coming back to the cost. Buying a bike, whether from the showroom or second-hand is a lot of hassle. The down-payment and the EMIs will drain your account to the extent that you stop enjoying riding the bike in favour of worrying about paying for it. Now you can just rent whichever bike you want conveniently from Wheelstreet with minimum stress. The best part is that you can now rent and ride high-end bikes which you could never have afforded before. I mean, how many of us really have the sort of money lying around to buy a Hayabusa or even a Harley Davidson without going broke? But you can now ride your dream bike without having to work for 30 years to buy it.

Bike rentals from Wheelstreet

Seems like an interesting prospect doesn’t it? So if you are planning to buy a new bike, check out Wheelstreet first and see if renting a bike makes more sense for you. Even if it doesn’t change your mind about a bike, you can at least get a thorough test ride by renting that particular bike model. Happy Riding!

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