Watch: Yamaha MWT-9 three-wheeler in action

Yamaha are always pushing the boundary of innovation when it comes to bikes, and at the Tokyo Motor Show, they unveiled a concept that dropped the jaws of everyone present there. The vehicle in question is called the MWT-9 and it features 2 front wheels and a single rear wheel, which kind of makes it a trike and not a bike.

Yamaha MWT-9

The three-cylinder 850 cc MWT-9 concept is described as a “cornering master” and each front wheel is fitted with dual telescopic forks. What that essentially means is that the rider can go freely through twisty roads with ever-changing road surfaces and dotted with tight curves in succession. It is a marvellous feat of engineering and we just can’t wait to see the final product hit the roads.

Official Yamaha MWT-9 Video:


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