Your Essential Checklist for a Bike Road Trip in the Monsoons

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Riding in the rains is something only real bikers do. While it may seem counter-intuitive to go for a bike ride when it’s raining, riding in the rains can actually be a very gratifying experience, but only if you’re properly prepared for it. In case you are embarking on a bike road trip in the monsoons, here are some things you need to keep in mind before you set off.

Check your Brakes

bike road trip in the Monsoons-brakes

The brakes are the most crucial thing to take care of during the rains. The water greatly reduces the friction power of the brakes which can cause serious problems if they are worn out or damaged. If your bike has drum brakes, get them cleaned from the inside and replace the brake shoes/pads. For disc brakes, get the discs checked and also verify the level of brake oil.

Make sure the Tyres are good

bike road trip in the Monsoons-tyres

Riding a bike with bald or worn out tyres in the rain is a disaster waiting to happen. Tyres with proper treads are a must for safe rides during the monsoons and it’s always a good idea to get yours replaced if they are too old. Also make sure that the tyre pressure is at the optimum level as under or over-inflated tyres can cause a loss of grip.

Get Waterproof Gear

bike road trip in the Monsoons-Riding-Gear-jacket

The conventional jackets, raincoats and windcheaters just don’t cut it on a bike; They are helpless against the torrent of water when you’re riding in the rains. Instead of them you can try out waterproof riding gear. The gear that comes with armour and a waterproof lining is usually very expensive. But if just waterproofing is what you’re looking for there are plenty of options – Steelbird recently launched its waterproof range of riding gear called Ignyte. The list of accessories include gloves, jackets, pants and shoe-covers and are priced between INR 1,139 and INR 1,699.

Clean the air filter

bike road trip in the Monsoons-air filter

The moisture-laden air during the monsoons might cause the air filter to hold a lot of water which will eventually lead to the filter tearing or getting clogged and not allowing proper air to pass through. This results in the bike stalling, or giving jerks on pulling the accelerator a bit. So a clean, dry and fresh air filter is always better.

Install Hazard lights

Hazard-Lights - bike road trip in the monsoons

Unlike cars, most motorcycles do not receive a hazard light switch and this can be quite problematic while riding in the downpour on highways. However, installing one is no rocket science and all it takes is a switch and some wiring modifications to get one on your motorcycle. You can either purchase a hazard light switch from an Indian dealer or buy one from eBay. Getting the switch installed and wiring modifications from a local mechanic will cost another INR 100-200 bucks. Hazard lights improve your vehicle’s visibility during downpours or in low visibility conditions.

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Do you have any other useful tips that have helped make your bike road trip in the monsoons a more enjoyable affair? Let us know in the comments below.

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