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About Bangalore

Overview of Self Drive Car Rentals in Bangalore


About Bangalore


The capitol of the State of Karnataka, Bangalore (Bengaluru) is the Fifth Largest and Second Fastest Growing city in India. Globally famous for being an IT Hub, it is also called the Silicon Valley of India. With many tech moguls having their headquarters here, Bangalore has been seen sprouting massive growth and innovation in sectors ranging from Space-Technology all the way to Self Drive Car Rentals - from MNCs as well as start-ups too. Founded by Kempe Gowda, Bangalore is rich in history and culture which is seen reflected in its architecture, monuments, gardens and palaces and is also a bustling tourist location with countless popular attractions in and around it.

What are the Best Places to visit within Bangalore?


There are numerous locations within Bangalore that are great places for tourists and natives alike. These locations mentioned will give you a great sense of what Bangalore is and what it stands for in terms of History, Culture and Aesthetics. All within city limits, getting to these awesome locations is easy if you rent a car in Bangalore.


  1. Bangalore Palace
  2. National Gallery of Modern Art
  3. Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort
  4. Krishna Rajendra Market
  5. Lalbagh Botanical Garden
  6. Cubbon Park
  7. Vidana Soudha
  8. Attara Kacheri Area
  9. Ulsoor Lake
  10. G.& Brigade Road


What are good Places to Visit nearby Bangalore?


Bangalore isn’t just beautiful within itself but is surrounded with superb destinations not too far away. With wonderful waterfalls, transcending temples and harmonious hill-stations less than 200 km from the IT Hub, it makes for perfect weekend getaways which people Hire a car rentals in Bangalore for outstation. Here are ten of the most awesome locations close by Bangalore.


Outstation Places from Bangalore



123 km


124 km

Shivanasamudra Falls

130 km


137 km


140 km


139 km

Hogenakkal Falls

146 km

Horsley Hills

166 km

Yelagiri Hills

178 km

Biligiri Ranga Hills

170 km


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What are some Interesting Facts about Bangalore?


Bangalore is a pretty well-known city in and out of India. Having the well-earned name of the IT Hub of India, it also has surprising facts that many may not know, including the Locals! So here are a few awesome and interesting facts about Bangalore!


  1. Winston Churchill still owes The Bangalore Club Rs.13 as unpaid dues.
  2. Bangalore has the most number of two-wheelers in India. While Four wheelers in Bangalore being second highest in India.
  3. Bangalore apart from being the City of Gardens is now also the Pub Capitol of India with approximately over 3000 pubs.
  4. Bangalore has the highest numbers of Software Companies in India with the number currently being 212.
  5. Talking about software, it also houses the highest number of engineers in the world with over a million IT engineers in the city.
  6. It is considered as one of the cleanest cities of India! Now ain’t that something
  7. Bangalore is also known for being at the top in sending people abroad.
  8. Bangalore (914.4 meters) stands taller than Dehradun (630 meters) when it comes to sea level!
  9. Bangalore also has the highest number of breweries in the whole world!
  10. Bangalore also has the highest number engineering colleges (21) in India.


What are a few good Places to Live in Bangalore?


Bangalore being as advanced as it is, seems to balance traditionalism and modernism perfectly. And it is in this balance where the charm of Bangalore lies. With each area holding its own uniqueness as well as being easily accessible with a self drive taxi in Bangalore, there are no shortage of great places to stay. Here are a few of them.


  1. Koramangala – Found in South-East Bangalore, Koramangala has been popular with the young crowd; be they students or working professionals. It is known for its numerous pubs and restaurants that are flooded with people on the weekends!


  1. Indiranagar – Sitting right next to Koramangala, Indiranagar is considered as one the most posh localities of Bangalore. With several offices as well as commercial roads and soothing suburbs, in Bangalore, Indiranagar is the place to be!


  1. G. Road – A super-busy locality ever-bustling with life, it is the perfect shopper’s stop for any one visiting Bangalore.


  1. Ulsoor – Ulsoor is known most prominently for the Ulsoor Lake present there. A pretty old and acquainted locality, Ulsoor is a great place to visit in Bangalore.


  1. Malleswaram – Also quite an old locality of Bangalore, Malleswaram displays the roots of Bangalore splendidly in terms of culture and history.


  1. HSR Layout – When compared to Ulsoor and Malleswaram, HSR Layout is a pretty new locality. Filled with parks, broad streets and other features that you can expect of any modern locality.


  1. Kamanahalli – Lying towards the North-East side of Bangalore, Kamanahalli is filled with foreigners, students and working professionals. Kamanahalli is one of the most diverse localities found in Bangalore.


What is the Best Mode of Transport in Bangalore?


The best mode of transport within Bangalore would be with a two-wheeler, as the traffic in this lovable city can often be overwhelming. The second best and most popular transport would be a cab for hire in Bangalore which can be seen present widely throughout the streets. This is why there is a huge increase of people using services like Wheelstreet and dockless scooters for rent like GO by Wheelstreet.


What are the available Local Transportations from the Airport/Railway Station/Bus Stop in Bangalore?


Bangalore follows many modes of transport – from buses to autos to taxi on rent in Bangalore, there are plenty for the traveller in need. Bangalore also has started its Metro system, but as it is limited to only a few locations, it isn’t as widely popular with the public. Here are the ones you can expect to find from different stations across Bangalore.


  1. Airport–The primary mode of transport from the airport are Airport Taxis and Buses. You can also book a cab online.


  1. Railway Station–there are a lot of variants for transport from the railway stations of Bangalore. You can find buses, autos and online cabs.


  1. Bus Station – the bus station also offers the same modes of transport as the railway station does with buses, autos and online cabs.


What are the car driving laws in Karnataka?


The major car driving laws of India remain the same for each state with minor changes not worth noting for each state. If you have driven a car in your state and plan to drive in another state, you will not face any issues. Drivers should however learn and follow the proper street signs for different states as they sometimes do vary. If you have hired a self-drive car for rent in Karnataka, chances are that you would hardly face an issue because of the consistency of driving laws throughout India.


What is the Cost of Renting a Car or Taking a Road Trip with a Car in Bangalore?


The cost of renting a Self Drive car in Bangalore varies and depends upon the model and make of the car. Wheelstreet prices start from Rs.45/hr all the way up to Rs.623/hr.


Can I Drive a Car with another state’s number plate in Karnataka?


Yes, anyone with a driving licence can drive a car with a different state’s number plate. It is however unclear as to how long one can drive in a different state. Some sources mention the time limit of 30 days, while some say 3 months and others cite that there is no time limit. It is best to contact that state’s RTO and clarify from the source itself.