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About Sector 34

Chandigarh, situated in the northern part of India is a beautiful small city. It is one of the 7 union territories of India serving as a capital of dual states, Punjab and Haryana. This city is extremely well planned and the entire city if divided into various sectors. Touted to be one of the most anticipated holiday destinations of the country, this city has a lot to offer to its visitors in terms of culture, food as well as scenic beauty.

Its proximity to various other mainstream cities in north India makes it a frequently visited city, it hosts around 10 lakh tourists in a year through all the seasons. While the city is well connected by road, rail as well as air transport, it is the road path, especially on a two-wheeler that is preferred the most due to the well-maintained road infrastructure and the scenic beauty the city has to offer en route. Also because commuting to the various sectors within the city becomes all the more easy on a bike.

Sector 34 lies to the center of the city holding many a tourist attraction. A residential area, for the most part, this sector has a majestic gurudwara, a visit to which must not be missed. The Sham fashion mall in this sector has enough to offer to all the shopaholic tourists. Another iconic destination in sector 34 is the Helix institute, thereby giving rise to a larger student population.

One can easily cruise through to various other parts of Chandigarh on a bike. Make sure to stop at the many local eateries for some authentic Punjabi food. Right from Sukhna lake to the rock garden, there are a lot of places to be covered and a lot of food to be tasted within the city. The best way to do it all is to rent a bike and ride along all the places with no much hassle. With a variety of bikes that we have to provide for rent at Wheelstreet, you would only be spoilt for choice. A city such as Chandigarh would demand nothing less than a dash of personal touch to zoom around and explore the off -beat places, this is precisely what we offer at Wheelstreet, by helping you rent a bike on your own in few simple steps with zero hassle. Choose a bike, make a call to hire and start exploring!