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About Kodambakkam

“Welcome to the film city of South India”

Kodambakkam is a famous neighborhood that is located in the western part of Chennai. This place is very famous in South India as it is the birthplace of many noted south Indian films.  This locality has a history attached to it, that goes way back over 2000 thousand years. It goes back to the time when the Pallavas and Cholas ruled Chennai. This locality is famous its world famous temple Bharathukesavar, which attracts disciples from all over the world. This place is widely known in South India for its horses, there are a large variety of horses you can see while you are in this city. During the rule of the British, this locality was treated as a famous municipality. One of the biggest achievements of this locality is the first film studio in South India was built here. This neighborhood was commonly known for its excellent infrastructure, which includes the first flyover that was built in this locality. This also the place where the famous Fort St George is found. 

Ride through the sets of the best south Indian films

Kodambakkam is a place, where the biggest south Indian films of the previous era were shot. When you ride through these sets you will be able to relive memories of scenes which were shot, during the shooting of your favorite old films.

Enjoy watching the architecture used to build, the famous St Geroge.

This fort was built during the time of the British; hence the architecture used to build this fort is truly ancient and old. If you are an art lover, the architecture used to build this fort will be a feast for your eyes.

Visit the wonderful temples

The several temples present in this locality were built using architectural ideas that are taken from ancient Hindu mythology. These temples are known to attract several disciples from all over the world on a daily basis.

Since this place is known as the “Hub of south Indian films”, people often tend to associate themselves what actors and actresses do in films on a regular basis. Whether it is the cool hairstyle that the Actor Vikram carried out or the amazing beard that actor Vijay carried out. But the craze doesn’t end here; people also try their luck to ride the same bikes that the actors ride in their films. But the sad part is that often these movie enthusiasts seldom get the chance or have the financial power get their hands on these bikes. We at Wheestreet feel it is our responsibility to help these movie enthusiasts, get their hands on any bikes that any movie star is riding in any film with the help of our bike on rent service. This rent a bike service, through the years, has helped people live the dream of riding a bike their favorite movie star had ridden in their movie.

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