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About Laxmi Nagar

“Welcome to the shopping paradise of Delhi”

Laxmi Nagar is the home of the most famous food joint in the whole of Delhi. This place serves the best Peanut Butter and Nutella shake, which often seems to surprise people. QDs chocolate monster is also very tasty and mouth-watering, and also do not forget to try the famous Double chocolate shake. If you’re not a great fan of the desert part of your meal, you can then feast on the tasty momos and Tandoori chicken. These are said to melt easily in the mouth and are dishes you would never want to miss. There are several other restaurants you can visit but QDs is right on the top when you think about having amazing food in Delhi.

Here are some of the common destinations you can visit in Laxmi Nagar.

Visit Aksharam Temple 

Aksharam temple is one of the temples built using ancient Hindu architecture, from its multihits to its beautiful interior design. According to a recent research was concluded that this temple attracts more than 50-60% of the tourist who visits the city.

Do forget to visit the several parks

Laxmi Nagar is one of those localities, where you will be able to find several parks. Lathika Park, Tikona Park, and Ramesh Park are a few of the famous parks people visit in the locality.

Enjoy a ride on the trains

One of the biggest advantages of living in this locality is that you are very near to several metro stations. Laxmi Nagar Metro Station and Nariman Metro Station are two metro stations that are commonly used stations.

One common fact that all the people of this locality will agree, is that there are a lot of people wanting to enjoy a bike ride. Due to the busy life that people live in today’s day, people forget to live their fullest. Hence we at Wheelstreet feel it is our responsibility to help people enjoy a bike ride, with the assistance of our several distributors present in multiple destinations. Through our rent a bike service in Laxmi Nagar, we are trying our best to help people take a bike on rent and live their dream of riding a bike. 

Why choose Wheelstreet to hire a bike?

If you never had a bad experience with bike rental companies, we are here to show why we are better than them. With our service, you will able get the best bikes on rent, at reasonable prices. We provide superbikes on rent and also imported bikes on rent. From a bullet on rent to a Harley Davidson on rent, we provide you all.