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About Anjuna - Oasis

“Peace Out at Hippie Central” [ANJUNA]

Not to be considered just another popular beach of Goa, Anjuna beach has since catered to Hippie culture at the bloom of the 60’s. Also known for its humongous flea market which may be considered the best in all of Goa, providing anything on everything there. A great place to kick back, Anjuna beach provides affordable guesthouses for all which is also why it is so famous among many.


Places to Visit

- Look for the spectacular Chapora Fort which you can find on Anjuna Beach as it is considered one of the famous places to visit while Anjuna. Built by Adil Shah, the then ruler of Bijapur.

- Chill out at the lovely Orzan Beach, only about 3 km away from Anjuna. This beach is located exactly where the Chapora Fort is and is reachable by climbing down a hill.

- Built in the year 1663, the St. Michael’s Church is definitely a sight to behold. It’s Portuguese architectural style is what is so appealing about it, with huge pillars and doors, it is definitely worth that space on your camera!


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