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About Dispur

"Breeze through this beautiful locality of Guwahati”

Dispur is a famous locality in the city of Guwahati; this is also considered to be the capital of Assam. This place has all the elements to help people have a fantastic holiday, the several clothing, jewellery, and handicraft shops are all famous shopping destinations to which people often go to spend their time and money. This locality is also blessed with several temples and monuments to its credit, of which Lord Shiva Temple is among the most famous temples. This temple is situated on the banks of river Basistha and river Bharalu and is among the hills of Meghalaya. Dispur is a home to the famous institution “Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalashetra”, which is considered to be the only place the ancient tradition of Assam is still upheld. Another main attraction of this place is its amazing weather, whether it is in summers or in winters.    

What can I do when I Dispur

Visit the famous Shipagram

This place in Dispur is famous for its several beautiful clothing options, whether it is woolen clothes or cotton clothes or it is silk sarees or metal handicrafts. This place over the years has become a famous shopping destination for tourists.

Don’t forget to visit the world famous Basistha Ashram

This Ashram is well known for its idol of Lord Shiva that was designed and built using ideas from ancient Hindu mythology. The temple is located in the hills of Meghalaya and also between two rivers, which is river Bashistha and Bharalu which is known to have taken its birth from the hills of Meghalaya.

You can also take a detour off the famous cultural institution “Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalashetra”

Among all the beautiful places in the locality of Dispur, this cultural institution is one of those rare places where you can find the ancient culture of Assam still alive. This institution is a place where the ancient art, a dance of Dispur is practiced and taught on a daily basis to inmates and tourists who visit this place.

The outstanding beauty of the place often shakes awake the instincts to ride a bike in tourists and inmates on a regular basis. But the amazing public transport stands a barrier, to people who wish to ride a bike. We at Wheelstreet feel it is our responsibility to help every person feel a bike ride, with the help of our rent a bike service we try out best to help people do so.

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