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About Banjara Hills

Initially a hunting ground with minimal population, which included only the Nizams of Hyderabad, the face of this locality has completely changed. Today Banjara Hills is an upmarket locality in Hyderabad, Telangana. Well known for its star hotels and large shopping destinations and upscale restaurants, this locality, belonging to greater Hyderabad happens to be the most expensive and prestigious city to live in, in India. As history goes, this area saw the settlement of Nomadic people like, Sevalal Maharaj for a few months before they moved away.

This locality which has 14 major roads which are numbered systematically, is house to famous brand outlets, hospitals and commercial centres. “Properties in Banjara Hills costs approximately 96,000 crore INR”, this was what The Economic Times had to say about this locality in the year 2011. Major tourist attractions in this areas are The Jalagam Vangal Rao park which is a beautifully maintained park, visited by people in and around the area for recreational activities and The famous Taj. This place entertains youngsters and elders alike, by offering a blend of peaceful locations like parks as well as hot and happening pubs.

Banjara Hills is currently home to most of the celebrities of the state, including movie actors, business personalities and politicians. This royal region has been successful in maintaining its dignity since the very beginning till date.

Though Banjara hills has good connectivity through buses provided by the Andhra Pradesh Government, self-ridden mode of transport still remains the most popular and the easiest way to get across the area. The unique architecture of the buildings in this glamorous place can be best enjoyed on a bike. If you don’t own a bike, you have an easier option of renting one from Wheelstreet. Choose an elegant bike for hire for an elegant place such as Banjara Hills.