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About Amar Sagar Pol

“Welcome to the land of Regal Forts”

Amar Sagar Pol is a locality in Jaisalmier that is famously known as “Land of Regal Forts”. This place is also famous for its several palaces and beautifully designed mansions.  One of the main attractions of this place is its amazing desert safaris and beautifully formed sand dunes. This locality is widely known for its shopping destination, where you will be pleased great collections of bottle holders, clothes, shoes, textiles and more. The food in this destination is also mouth-watering, as it covers a wide range of cuisines in the menu. Whatever you miss, I urge you not to miss the magnificent sunset. The only few setbacks of the place may be that the climate in this place gets a little extreme during summers and winters at times.

What can I do when I visit Amar Sagar Pol?

Enjoy a ride on the camels

If you have ever had the chance to go for a ride on top of a camel, you will know what I am talking about. The experience is in itself an event you will never be able to forget; hence this is one of those rides people stand in bike lines to go on in Amar Sagar Pol.

Feast on the mouth-watering food

Jaisalmer is a place, where you are welcomed with an amazing variety of food on your plate. Whether it is the”Ker Sagar Ki Sabji” with Gatte Ki Sabzi or it is the authentic Rajasthani meal, this place never fails to hit the list of favorite of any person.

Spend some bucks on the amazing collection clothes and more.

Amar Sagar Pol is a locality that is widely famous for its amazing collection of clothes, shoes, handicrafts and camel leather products. This place gives you the liberty to bargain the last bit, to get the product at the price you believe it should be.

Walk through the beautiful areas of the locality.

This locality is blessed with several monuments and amazingly architecture mansions that often seem to elements of attraction to several tourists.

When the rest of the world is racking their brains to find a solution to the chronic traffic problems and road blocks, this beautiful locality in Jaisalmer provides its inmates and travellers opportunities to go on beautiful rides around it. We at Wheelstreet feel the need to be a part of these bikes rides, hence through of our rent a bike service in Jaisalmer we help people go these rides.

Why should you choose Wheelstreet to hire a bike on rent?

With an amazing number of over 3500 bikes on rent, and several thousand riders around the whole of Jaisalmier we are here to set new trends in the bike rentals business. Through our services you will be able to get any bike on rent in Jaisalmer, whether it is a Hayabusa on rent or a scooty on rent or a Bullet on rent or a Harley Davidson on rent.