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About Near Alipore Corporation Bank

“The locality with the best food in Kolkata”

New Alipore is a residential locality in Kolkata; it is place which depicts several aspects of the earlier ruled British in its buildings and monuments. New Alipore is the place to visit for foodies from anywhere in India. The main food items of this place are, fish rolls, fish kabab and more, this place also has the best street food in the country. Shopping can be a delightful affair, when you have several options to look out for. New Alipore is known far and wide for its rich art and culture, which depicts several aspects of history and heritage of Kolkata.   

What can I do when I visit New Alipore?

Enjoy the mouth-watering food

New Alipore is a locality that is known for its tasty seafood, mouth-watering sweets and amazing street food. Any foodie will have a time of life, when they get a taste of the best fish kebabs and fish rolls.

You will love the art and culture of New Alipore

This place has always been the bed of literature, poetry and theatre. The literature of this place is so amazing and ancient, that it attracts the eyes of anyone whether or whether not they are fans of literature. Theatre arts are also in this locality, which is one of the best forms of art.

You will never be able to hold back from the amazing shopping options

This locality is a home to the best weavers and craftsmen in the city; this is a place where you can find the best designed saris at good prices.

The only big disadvantage of this locality is that, this place is filled with a lot of traffic, throughout any times of the day. Auto-rickshaws and public transport are the only modes of transport in this locality. We at Wheelsteert, feel the best way to fix this problem is to increase the use of two-wheelers. With the help of our rent a bike service, we are doing just that for the past two years.

Why choose Wheelstreet to hire a bike?

With the guidance of an amazing number of distributors and a large number of bikes under our belt, we have been able to provide superbikes on rent and also imported bikes on rent. With us you will be able to get any bike on rent, whether it is a scooty on rent or a Hayabusa on rent we give it all.