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About Burwa

“Welcome to the bed of nature”

When the rest of the world wakes up to see the pathetic sight of a concrete jungle, Burwa wakes up to see a sight of nature at its best. With beautiful mountain ranges and outstanding sceneries throughout its surroundings, this locality in Manali has all the elements to give a traveller the best holiday of his life. This beautiful neighborhood is located at a height of about 6000ft above sea level and lies in the northern part of Kullu Valley. This beautiful bed of nature is known far and wide for its mouth-watering dishes. Burwa is known for its perfect mixture of multiple cusines in its delicacies, whether it is tasty momos or beautifully flavored pan cakes this place has it all. If you have a sweet tooth, you are sure to enjoy the crisp Jelebis, soft gulab jamoons and more.

What can I do when I visit Burwa?

Give your eyes a feast.

This locality has all the best views that you probably would never get, if you visit any other place in the world. From beautiful mountain ranges to crystal clear rivers flowing through them, this place has all the things you need to have a calm and amazing holiday.

Feast on the mouth-watering delicacies

Manali is a place that is known, for its amazing mixture of all the best cuisines of the world. Whether it is amazingly flavored pan cakes or tasty momos, or it is Biriyanis or any other tasty delicacies. This place also has the best collection of sweets, such as Jelebis, Gulab jamoons.

Are you a shopping buff?

If you are then you need to visit the several clothing stores, where you will find several collections of shoes, clothes and accessories. Whether it is the traditional wear of Manali or torn pants that is famous in today’s era.

This place has been able to attract a lot of people from all over the world, whether it is from overseas or from inside the country. When you are at Burwa, you are sure to see a lot of bikers, riding around the suburbs. You are sure to feel the need to ride a bike, when you see those riders. This where we at Wheelstreet can be a lot of help to you, we have been able to give wings to several riding dreams. With the help of our rent a bike service, we have been able to help several riders zoom through the suburbs of Burwa. Through our bike rentals services, you are sure to find the bike of your choice.

Why choose Wheelstreet to hire a bike?

With a large collection of bikes on rent, we try to provide even superbikes on rent and even imported bikes on rent. From Himalayan Bullets on rent to Harley Davidsons on rent, we have the resources and distributors to provide you all. Our collection of bikes also includes bikes from a scooty on rent to an r15 on rent.

A city where you can feast on the breath taking mountain views, splendid sceneries and best sunsetsPresent along the hills of Himachal, Manali is one of those places every traveller will love to visit more than once. This city is located about 6260 ft. above sea level, this city lies on the northern side of Kullu valley. To add to its beauty the river “Beas” flows right through the suburbs of the city. This city has two main visual attractions, which are Rohtang pass and Solang valley. The Rotang pass creates an experience in itself with its snow filled surface that is present throughout the year.

This amazing bed of bed of nature has a lot to offer to its tourists in the form of food. From glittery bars to small food huts, Manali has it all. This city fortunately is blessed with an authentic mixture of different cuisines from around the world. Whether it is Chinese food or Korean food or whether it is Tibetans momos or a mixture of the best European food such as Pancakes or pies. Monali is a land where food has taken its most unique form. This place also gives sweet tooth’s a run for their money, with its mouth-watering gulab jamoons, jelabi and mongdal halwa.

When the rest of the country is searching for solutions to fight the uncountable road blocks and irritating traffic, this city gives its tourists value for their money. With its uninterrupted sunsets and mind blowing sceneries, Manali has been able to attract a large chunk of bike riders. 

A bullet or Harley bike and a couple of buddies is all you need to explore adventures in the city of Monali. We at Wheel Street have been able to help several riders realize their dream of going on a road trip to manali, with the help of our rent a bike service.