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About Ramjhula Road

“Rejuvenate your senses with just one ride to Rishikesh”

Rishikesh a beautiful locality in Uttarakhand, is sure to catch the attention of anyone, whether he is a tourist from India or from anywhere around the world. This locality is commonly known to be home to several temples hence giving it the name a “paradise for yoga”. Due to its amazing climate and snowfall throughout the year, this place is widely famous for its adventure sports, which include rafting, gliding and much more. Since this place is one of the purest places in India, the diet followed by the people of this locality is strictly vegetarian. One of the biggest setbacks may be its constant religious scams. Since this place is filled with a lot of temples these scams happen almost on a daily basis. As this place attracts several tourists on a regular basis, this place may seem to have been over commercialized.

What can I do when I visit Rishikesh?

Regain peace and happiness in your life by visiting the several temples

Rishikesh has a huge number of temples that people visit to pour out all their worries. These temples are designed using some ideas from Hindu mythologies that make it truly historical in nature, which often proves to be a factor that is used to attract people from all over the country.

Get in touch with the adventurous part of you

Since this place is located several meters above sea level, this proves to be a strong reason why Rishikesh is famous for adventure sports. Whether it is rafting, mountaineering or gliding this place has the facilities to do it all.

Enjoy the taste of the mouth-watering food

Whether it is the best momos or beautifully flavored cakes this place has it all. Rishikesh has a perfect menu that contains tasty dishes from all the amazing cuisines of the world, be it Chinese, Mexican, American, European or any other cuisine for that matter

All the beautiful temples and breathtaking views, often seem to attract the eyes of riders on a regular basis. This has led to a rise in a number of people wanting to go on a ride. However, the problem here is- not everyone is blessed with the financial power to buy a Bullet or Harley Davidson. Hence we at Wheelstreet feel the need to help every rider, with the assistance to rent a bike service.

Why choose Wheelstreet to hire a bike?

Several riders and an amazing number of distributors around the city, assist us in helping with giving bikes on rent. Whether it is a Bullet on rent or a scooty on rent we provide you all, at prices that are amazingly pocket-friendly. If you are in search of an organization that provides bikes on rent, then we are the right place to be at.