Road Trip from Bangalore to Bheemaswari

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Distance from Bangalore to Bheemaswari

Road-trip from Bangalore to Bheemaswari

2 h 34 min (105.0 km) via NH948
2 h 45 min (108.1 km) via NH275
2 h 45 min (108.1 km) via NH275

Bangalore to Bheemaswari Duration: 2-3 Hours

Bheemeshwari, the small town known for its nature and adventure camps in Mandya, is an excellent combination a modish and vintage place. It is a nature trek and a wildlife sanctuary which is home to more than 200 species of birds and animals their natural habitat. The town is located on the banks of the Kaveri river- between the Shivanasamudra falls and Mekedatu falls.  It is well known for its eco-tourism. Nature lovers and animal lovers can get bikes on rent from bike rentals in Bangalore and tour around Bheemeshwari, a paradise on earth.

It is very easy to spot animals like elephants, jackals, wild boars, and leopards to name a few. Being the natural habitat of Mahseer, the town is also called ‘the Angler’s paradise’. The Mahseer is considered to be the best variety of game fish, hence making the town a perfect destination for those who love fishing.

The town, being situated on the banks of river Kaveri it offers the chance to experience the pristine beauty of the river on unique boats called coracles. These are indigenous vessels which give it a rustic feel and makes it a pretty popular tourist place. The Doddamkalli Nature Camp and Galibore Fishing Camp in Bheemshwari offer adventure sports activities such as water sports, trekking, kayaking etc. along with providing food and stay to the tourists. Those who wish to see nature’s bounty can get a two-wheeler on rent in Bangalore and go for a road trip to Bheemshwari. Bike rentals have made hiring bikes much easier for people who wish to visit such places without compromising on the fun.

Sangam, the confluence point of river Kaveri and Arkavathi, is one of the most scenic spots of Bheemeshwari. The view never fails to dazzle the tourists by its breathtaking beauty. Sighting of many migratory birds and wild animals also makes Sangalm very popular among bird-watchers and animal lovers. Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary is also famous for its bio-diversity. Many rare species of birds like bis, cormorant, kingfisher, and heron have been sighted by many ornithologists. Kokrebellur Pelicanry is a small village located in close proximity to Bheemeshwari and it is one of the five major pelican breeding sites of the world. Pelicans and painted storks can be spotted during the winter season which makes it a must-visit place for those who dream to see the rare migratory birds. It is a perfect place for birdwatchers and wildlife photographers who wish to capture the beauty of rare birds in their camera.

The town is well connected to major cities by rail and road. It is 100 km from Bangalore and 85 km from Mysore which makes it very convenient for bikers to hire two wheelers from bike rentals in Bangalore and go on a fun-filled road trip with friends.