Road Trip from Bangalore to Horanadu

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Distance from Bangalore to Horanadu

Road-trip from Bangalore to Horanadu

6 h 22 min (322.0 km) via NH75
7 h 3 min (336.0 km) via NH75 and NH73
8 h 3 min (383.7 km) via NH48

Bangalore to Horanadu Duration: 6-8 Hours

Horanadu is a small holy hamlet for Hindus, located in the Chickmagalur district, Karnataka. The village is known for its Annapoorneshwari Temple, dedicated to Goddess Annapurneshwari. The main deity was installed by Adi Shankracharya and the new image of the Goddess was constructed inside the temple in 1973.

Horanadu lies 330 km from Bangalore, making it a great destination to spend the week-end, far from the hustle-bustle of the city. Bangalore bike rentals that have made commuting to different cities of Karnataka much easier and affordable make available bikes on rent in Bangalore that one can pick up from the fleet of two-wheelers and hire a bike of their choice and ride to Horanadu.

Annapoorna temple at Horanadu is a much revered temple and it is said that any person who seeks the blessings of Goddess Annapoorna, the Goddess of grains and food will never have to go to bed on an empty stomach. Legend even says that Lord Shiva was redeemed of his curse when he sought the blessings of Goddess Annapoorna. All visitors irrespective of their cast, creed or race are provided with a three-course vegetarian meal along with dessert. Male visitors are required to remove their shirts and vests and cover their shoulders with a shawl as a mark of respect for the deity. The statue of the mail deity is made of gold and is captivating in its beauty. The Goddess is depicted having four hands, holding the Shankha, Chakra, Sri Chakra and Gayathri mantra.

It is said that a trip to Horanadu will become more fulfilling if other pilgrimage sites namely Kukke Subrahmanya, Dharmasthala, Sringeri, Udupi Krishna temple and Kollooru Mookaambike, Kalaseshwara temple in Kalasa, and then Annapoorneshwari temple are visited in this very order. Making a travel plan to cover all the pilgrim sites can lead to a grand spiritual experience for a pilgrim, making him more centered, happy and full of gratitude for the divine.

The village is close to most of the tourist spots of Chickmagalur district and those on bikes can easily drive up to these places too. It is frequented by visitors and many choose to make Horanadu their base. The 'Kuduremukh' range of Western Ghats is located 28 km from Horanadu and is known for its breath-taking beauty. Kalaseshwara Temple, another renowned temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a distance of 6 kms, making it much frequented by those who visit the Annapoorneshwari temple.

The birthplace of 3 famous rivers Tunga, Bhadra and Netravathi, Gangamula is 40 km from the village of Horanadu and should not be missed by tourists. Those who choose to hire two-wheelers in Bangalore are at an advantage here as they can just pick up their bags and visit these nearby places too along with the mail temple. The famous Hanumanagundi waterfall is 45 km from the village which the tourists must see too.

Horanadu is a spiritual town oozing positivity from all corners and people who visit this place find peace of mind and a sense of calm in their heart. Tourists can approach bike rentals in Banaglore and get fancy bikes like Harley Davidson on rent or can hire scooters in Bangalore to visit Horanadu and nearby places during the months of October to April as the climate is most suitable then.