Road Trip from Bangalore to Ikkeri

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Distance from Bangalore to Ikkeri

Road-trip from Bangalore to Ikkeri

353 kms or 219.3 miles or 190.6 nautical miles

Bangalore to Ikkeri Duration: 7 hours, 3 minutes

Ikkeri is a historical place located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. It is located at a distance of 355 km from the state capital, Bangalore and we can either reach the town by road or by rail. Those who wish to travel by two-wheelers can do so by getting bikes on rent in Bangalore or by hiring scooters of their choice from Bangalore bike rentals and go riding to the historical town of Ikkeri. It takes about five-six hours to reach Ikkeri from Bangalore.

The city is known for its renowned Aghoreshwara Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Aghoresvara temple at Ikkeri was built by Keladi Nayaka. The entrance of the temple has the statue of Nandi, the bull and the main temple complex is built beautifully of granite. The splendid building speaks volumes of Dravidian and Chalukaya style of architecture. The temple is cubical in structure and looks vast due to open spaces in its compound.

After being greeted with the statue of Nandi at that entrance, one can find a large altar (Balipitha) right next to it. The Balipitha is the altar at which devotees make offerings to the God. Apart from the mail Balipathi, there are several other smaller altars to make the sacrifices and offerings. One can then spot the ruins of the main deity’s image, which now look like carved rocks.

The porch of goddess's shrine in Aghoreshwara Temple reflects the Vijayanagara style of architecture. This makes the shrine a hub of architects and history lovers who can get to see three kinds of architectural styles at the same place and study them in detail. History freaks willing to go to Ikkeri must hire a bike in Bangalore to visit the town as there are many other places located nearby which might pique their interest. It is more convenient to get a two-wheeler on rent to see new places rather than relying on the public transport.

A few other famous tourist spots located around Ikkeri are The Rameshwara Temple in Keladi which is located 11 km from Ikkeri, the famous Shri Sridhara Swami Ashram in Varadahalli which is a spiritual place and one can go there to meditate in a quiet place with positive vibes, the Chandragutti Fort and a temple dedicated to Goddess Renukamba – Parshurama’s mother, located in Chandragutti.

Apart from structural beauty, Ikkeri also boasts of scenic beauty. The Jog falls, also called the Gersoppa Falls or Jogada Gundi are one of the most beautiful and highest falls of the country. They are located very close to Ikkeri. Varadamoola, the origin point of River Varada is another picturesque location only 6 km from Sagar, a town close to Ikkeri. 

Ikkeri is a beautiful tourist destination. Those of you who are willing to go there by bikes must approach bike rentals in Bangalore and get yourself a stylish bike like Bullet on rent or hire a scooter in Bangalore, as per your needs, budget and will. The bottom line is those who are visiting Karnataka must make it a point to go to Ikkeri too. The best time to visit Ikkeri is from September to January.