Road Trip from Bangalore to Kollur

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Distance from Bangalore to Kollur

Road-trip from Bangalore to Kollur

7 h 54 min (458.1 km) via NH48
8 h 19 min (429.2 km) via Bangalore-Shimoga Rd
9 h 47 min (480.7 km) via Arsikere - Mysore Rd

Bangalore to Kollur Duration: 7-9 Hours

Kolluru also called Kollapura is a small temple town in Kundapur Taluk in Udupi district of Karnataka and lies at the foot of Western Ghats.  The town is famous for the Mookambika temple, a Hindu pilgrim center. The town is about 413 km from Bangalore and it takes around 9 hours to reach the town from the capital city by road as well as rail. Those of you who wish to go on a road trip from Bangalore to Kollapura can get bikes on rent in Bangalore and can also hire scooters, as per your choice and convenience.

The main attraction of the town is the Mookambika temple, dedicated to Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is also called Mookambika as it is said that she slew the demon Mookasura, putting an end the tortures he inflicted upon the innocents. It is believed that the panchaloha image of the goddess on Shri Chakra was consecrated by Shri Adi Shankaracharya. Goddess Durga is considered to be the manifestation of trigunas - Mahakali, Mahalakshmi & Mahasaraswati. The peak of the temple id covered is gilded in gold and the main shrine is surrounded by many other smaller shrines. It is also said that Adi Shankaracharya installed the idol of Chandramaulishvara in the temple. It is the temple that attracts visitors and pilgrims from all parts of India, especially South India. Pilgrims can visit the place on two-wheelers, admiring the beautiful scenery en-route. They can visit the Bangalore bike rentals, pick up two-wheelers on rent and drive to the beautiful and renowned temple.

Kollur is an important seat of Shakti worship. According to the legend, a Maharishi named Kola was mesmerized by the beauty of Mother Nature and hence decided to perform penance near a rock situated near Agnitheertham. Lord Shiva was impressed with his dedication and appeared before him, to grant him his wish. The Maharshi asked for nothing else but the welfare of mankind and Lord Shiva was even more delighted by his selfless nature. He granted him his wish and assured that a swayambu Linga would appear for him to offer his prayers every day. As the Lingam appeared, the Maharshi had a wish to worship Devi also. As soon as the thought crossed his mind, a golden line appeared on the Shiva Linga, signifying Shakti. Hence this place is the place where Shiva and Shakti are worshiped together. Thus it is a very pious and powerful site where pilgrims come to offer their prayers.

Apart from the well-revered temple, Kollur also has many other major tourist attractions. Kashi Theertha is a beautiful river spot which has a bridge and offers trekking opportunities in the forest. The Souparnika is a river where devotees come to take a dip and is only 1 km from the Mookambika temple. Few other temples are the temple Anegudde Vinayaka and Sarva Siddhi Pradaayaka. Apart from the temples, Kollur also has Arishna Gundi waterfalls that leave the visitors awestruck. It can be reached by trekking through the forest. The location of the falls is such that the droplets of water look yellow in colour., hence the falls derive their name from the color arishna or turmeric yellow.

Another great thing about the town is that the Jog falls are located at a 2-hour drive from the town. The second highest falls of India must be seen by those who go to Kollur. You can hire bikes in Bangalore to visit the falls. A few other tourist attractions are Kodachadri Mountain range in the Western Ghats, Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, and Maravanthe beach- the meeting point of a river and sea.

Kollur is a blend of natural beauty and religion. Those who visit Karnataka must see the Mookambika temple, one of the few temples in India where Shiva and Shakti are worshiped together. It is a beautiful little town and bike lovers can visit the place by hiring bikes in Bangalore and riding their way up to Kollur. Apart from bikes, these bike rentals also provide scooter on rent in Bangalore for those who like scooters better than bikes. Basically, everything can be taken care of once you set your heart to visit Kollur.