Road Trip from Bangalore to Muthathi

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Distance from Bangalore to Muthathi

Road-trip from Bangalore to Muthathi

2 h 39 min (100.5 km) via NH948
2 h 47 min (109.6 km) via NH275
2 h 54 min (109.7 km) via NH275 and NH948

Bangalore to Muthathi Duration: 2-3 Hours

Muthathi (or Muttatti) a town situated on the banks of Kaveri river, lies about 100 km from Bangalore. It is a spot easily accessible by roads and a two-hour ride on bike can take you there. The little town is surrounded by hills on all sides and looks like a hill station. There are sharp hairpin bends on the roads and one must be careful while driving.

Tourists who wish to ride bikes on the hilly roads can pick up bikes on rent in Bangalore from the now popular Bangalore bike rentals and drive up the adrenaline level while riding the beastly beauties. Many people who prefer to hire a Bullet or get a Harley Davidson on rent in Bangalore to make their bike-trip more thrilling and stylish can choose from the large fleet of two-wheelers they rent out.

The Padadhara Anjaneya swami temple, located in the valley is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is much revered by the locals. Most of the passers-by stop here to offer prayers and seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman before continuing with their journey.

En-route the journey, one can stop by the banks of river Kaveri as there are a few picnic spots on the banks. They can bring a picnic basket along with them while leaving for Muthathi, take a short break and continue with their journey forward. The granite bed of the river gives a very attractive view during the summers.  So hire a bike in Bangalore and enjoy a picnic-day by the banks of the Kaveri river.

There is another famous temple called Muthetharaya temple in Muthathi. It is also dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is said that one day Mother Sita was bathing here and her nose stud fell down. It was Lord Hanuman who found the important piece of jewellery and returned it to Mother Sita. This is the reason Lord Hanuman is known by the name Muthetharaya here.

Bheemeshwari, 5 kms from Muthathi is known for another Hanuman temple called Rama Anjaneya swami temple. River Kaveri flows right in front of the temple and it is a picturesque view. Many shutterbugs come here to see the scenic beauty and capture it in their cameras. In Bheemeshwari, you will also find the BheemaLingeswar Temple, the place that the city is named after.

On the side opposite to the BheemaLingeswar Temple, one will find a site for adventure sports. Adventure sports lovers frequent this site pretty often for the same reason. The Bheemeswari Adventure Camp, Nature Camp, and Kaveri Fishing Camp allow the visitors to enjoy sports like boating and rafting, come close to nature and go for fishing in the Kaveri waters. Though there is no accommodation available in Muthathi, you can always find a place to stay in Bheemeswari Jungle lodges.

Those who visit Muthathi by bikes can go back to Bangalore the same day. It is much simpler to get two-wheelers on rent in Bangalore for such short distances so that you can be back to your cozy hotel room by the night. People who prefer other kinds of two-wheelers can get scooters on rent in Bangalore instead f bikes. They can choose according to their taste and needs. But it is advisable to go to Muthathi by two-wheelers to cover all the places on the same day, without getting stuck in traffic or waiting for the next bus or train.