Road Trip from Bangalore to Nisargadama

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Distance from Bangalore to Nisargadama

Road-trip from Bangalore to Nisargadama

4 h 37 min (227.1 km) via NH275
4 h 39 min (237.0 km) via NH75
5 h 5 min (256.5 km) via NH75 and SH 8

Bangalore to Nisargadama Duration: 4 Hour

Kaveri Nisargadhama is an island in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers and those who wish to spend quiet time in nature’s lap. The forest department of Karnataka runs guest houses here for solitude lovers. Solitude seekers who wish to have an escape from the hullabaloo of life can get bikes on rent in Bangalore and visit the island. The rivers flowing around the island make it a picturesque sight.

Nisargadhama falls located on the island are falls of eternal beauty that one can keep on gazing at for hours and still would wish to glance again. The place is a perfect picnic spot and also offers boat rides around the quiet and calm island helping one reconnect with nature and oneself. The falls lies at a distance of 270 km from Bangalore hence making it a good spot for a road-trip, either alone or with friends. Bangalore bike rentals allow tourists to get two-wheelers on rent from the city to ride to different places at affordable costs. Bike rentals also offer scooter on rent in Bangalore, so you can select the vehicle of your choice according to your needs and taste.

The island is formed by the Kaveri river and is lush green with vegetation, a sight for sore eyes that have grown tired of looking at concrete jungles everywhere. Teak trees and sandalwood trees dominate the scenery along with lots of bamboo groves. One has to cross a hanging bridge in order to reach the island. The island abounds in rabbits, deer and peacocks, making it even more beautiful and serene. There are the tree- houses with modern facilities for guests who would like to spend a night or two to enjoy sleeping in a treehouse.

A small restaurant is a perfect dining place and offers the beautiful view of the island. A few guest houses for accommodation make the island perfect for a weekend stay for those who do not wish to crash into the tree houses.

Another picturesque fall called the Abbey Falls are located at a distance of about 25 km from Nisargadhama. The Abbey Falls are located between coffee and cardamom plantations, adding a mild fragrance in the air along with the breathtaking beauty. The white water makes the falls a spectacular sight.

The Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement, a region of ‘lugsum Samdupling’ and ‘Dichyi larsoe’ was established in 1961 and 1969 and lies a few minute drive from Nisargadhama. It is considered to be the largest Tibetan Settlement in India and is home to around 16,000 refugees. It even has a number of monasteries, temples and centres of learning. Monks and nuns manage the place and one can hear the chanting of mantras and prayers during the day. The monasteries make the place even more sacred and soothing, adding positive vibes and uplifting one’s spirits.

It is a place for creative people to get inspiration for their work and clear their mind of the everyday hassles. They can easily hire two-wheelers in Bangalore and enjoy the solitude. Those of you who wish to add style to their leisure- ride can also get Bullet on rent or hire Harley-Davidson in Bangalore to go to the island.