Road Trip from Bangalore to Somanathpur

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Distance from Bangalore to Somanathpur

Road-trip from Bangalore to Somanathpur

3 h 5 min (138.7 km) via NH275
3 h 10 min (137.8 km) via NH948
3 h 57 min (176.2 km) via Kunigal-Maddur Rd

Bangalore to Somanathpur Duration: 3-4 Hours

Somanathpur is a small town of Karnataka situated on the banks of the river Kaveri. The town is 35 km from Mysore and around 140 km from Bangalore, the capital city. The city marvels architects and history lovers for its rich heritage and beautiful temples. People who have a deep inclination towards historical places must visit the city which lies only half a mile from the Kaveri river. Those wishing to add a streak of adventure can march up to Bangalore bike rentals, get a Royal Enfield on rent and ride to the town with their significant other or a few friends. Two-wheelers on rent in Bangalore can be easily picked by tourists to make their trip more fun.

Somnathpur is known for the famous Keshava temple built during the reign of Hoysala emperors. The magnificent temple stands tall as a symbol of skills and strength possessed by the Hoysala kings. This temple has been declared a Heritage sight and the Archeological Survey of India looks after the temple. Though it is a small town, the volumes of history are speaks say a lot about the grandeur of the Hoysala dynasty and history lovers just bask in the light of knowledge this little town offers.

The temples here are famous for their detailed wall sculptures and intricate engravings in perfect proportions, all carved in stone. The craftsmanship is out of the world and even the most brilliant of designers and architects bow their heads down before them.

The Chennakeshava temple which was built in 1268 A.D. by Somnath, the commander during the Hoysala’s reign speaks of the power and skills of the Hoysala dynasty. It is also called the Keshava temple. Soapstone has been used for the construction of this magnificent temple. Visitors from all over the world come to get a glace of the soapstone marvel. Those who wish to see the temple can get bikes on rent in Bangalore and go on a road trip to Somnathpur.

The Talakad Panchalinga Temple is located 15 kms from Somanthpur. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in his five forms and is also revered for the Pathaleshwara Shivalinga that changes colors. Devotees from all over the world come to see this rare shiva lingam and offer their prayers. The Shiva lingam turns red in the morning, black in the afternoon and white during the evening.

The Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple is 26 km away from Somnathpur and is another well-renowned temple of Somanathpur which is dedicated to Lord Malikarjuna. There is an annual festival which is organized here in January or February where a lot of festivities and celebrations take place. A trade fair is also organized around the same time. This fair lasts for a week and is known for the trading of cattle and other useful things from the agricultural point of view. Bike hiring in Bangalore has made it very convenient for traders and buyers to attend the fair to expand their business.

Somanathpur is a beautiful historical town and people who go to Karnataka must make it a point to visit the river-side town full. Road trip to Somnathpur can be planned at affordable prices by hiring bikes in Bangalore or getting scooters on rent, as per your choice, but the opportunity must not be missed.