Road Trip from Bangalore to Talakadu

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Distance from Bangalore to Talakadu

Road-trip from Bangalore to Talakadu

2 h 55 min (136.2 km) via NH948
2 h 57 min (136.8 km) via NH275
3 h 41 min (174.3 km) via Kunigal-Maddur Rd

Bangalore to Talakadu Duration: 2-3 Hours

Talakadu is a semi-arid town on the bank of Kaveri river and lies around 130 kms from Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka. It was once known for 30 temples built on the left bank of the river but now the lay buried in the sand. Despite that, it remains a pilgrimage site for the Hindus. Tourist and pilgrims can get bikes on rent in Bangalore and go to the temple-town by road

Talakudu is said to have been named after two brothers who tried to cut down a tree that was being worshiped by local elephants. When the managed to fell it down, they discovered an image of Shiva, which in reality were sages, deep in meditation. The tree got restored on its own as it had miraculous properties and the two brothers attained Moksha. According to the legend, the two stone statues of the brothers Tala and Kudu are located in front of the temple Veerabadra Swamy. The town is said to have been named after the two brothers who found out the image of Shiva inside the tree. It is even said that Lord Rama halted here for a few days before continuing his journey to Lanka to rescue Mother Sita. The town is connected to major cities of Karnataka via road. Bangalore bike rentals have made it pretty easy for tourists to get two-wheelers on rent to visit the adjoining places.

The city has a lot of legends about it being buried under the sand and many traces it back to a curse that Rani Alamelamma cast on Raja Wodeyar who was desirous of possessing her precious jewels. The Rani threw in the jewels in the Kaveri river and drowned herself in the river, uttering a curse, “May Talakad become sand, may Malangi become a whirlpool and may the Mysore Rajas fail to beget heirs." It is said that the ever prosperous city got buried in sand due to this curse.

The small town is well known for one of the finest Gourmet cheese and wine, the recipe of which the local chefs refuse to share, due to which it is even referred to as the Gourmet Valley of Bangalore. It has even lost some of the finest advances on horticulture. It is a must visit for wine tasters and cheese connoisseurs. They can travel to the little hamlet by road by hiring scooters in Bangalore or getting bikes like Bullet on rent in Bangalore.

The sand-covered temples of Talakadu namely- the Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanatheshwara and Mallikarjuna temples are said to be the five Lingams representing the five faces of Shiva and form the Pancha pathi. A fair called Panchalinga Darshana is held once every 12 years to honour the five temples. The festivities are on their peak and pilgrims from around the world flood the town. The fair was last held in 2009 and will now be held again in 2021. The Panchalinga Darshana is held on a new moon day in the month of Karthika when two stars conjoin, the stars of Khuha Yoga and Vishaka. Pilgrims can hire bikes in Bangalore and visit the town along with other religious places of Karnataka. Bike rentals in Bangalore have made it very convenient to visit all the beautiful places without the fear of burning holes in the pocket or being dependent on public transport.