Road Trip from Delhi to Dheradun

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Distance from Delhi to Dheradun

Road-trip from Delhi to Dheradun

6 h (245.7 km) via Saharanpur - Delhi
6 h 24 min (264.2 km) via NH334

Delhi to Dheradun Duration: 6-7 Hours

Dehradun, the capital city of Uttrakhand is known for its cool climate and scenic beauty. It lies in the Garhwal region of Uttrakhand and is situated 236 km from Delhi and it takes around 6 hours to reach Dehradun from Delhi. The tourists wishing to travel to Dehra can hire bikes in Delhi and ride up to Dehradun. The bike rentals in Delhi make it easy for riders to pick up two-wheelers on rent in Delhi to visit the nearby tourist spots. Apart from bikes, travellers can also hire scooters to suit their needs.

Dehradun is known for its temples and various spots of interest. The Tapkeshwar temple, 6.5 km from Dehradun is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated on the banks of river Asan. The temple is known for the most ancient Shiva-lingam is situated in a cave. A water droplet constantly falls on the Shiva-lingam. Another monastery, known as Buddha Temple or Mindrolling Monastery, built in 1965 is another religious place which holds a great importance. It is one of the centres of Tibetan learning in India and the temple complex is called Nyingma. Daat Kali Temple, Santala Devi Temple, Lakshman Siddh Temple, Guru Ram Rai Gurdwara, Gurudwara Nanaksar, Sai Temple and Shiv Mandir are few other renowned temples of the town.

The Sahastradhara is the most popular tourist destination in Dehradun. It comprises of caves, waterfalls and stepped farmlands. The waterfall at Sahastradhara comes from the limestone stalactites in the caves. Other famous falls are the Tiger Falls are 50 feet high and the water collects in a small pond below, making it a perfect place for an outing and for taking a dip.

Dehradun is famous for its scenic beauty. Mal Devta is a famous picnic spot and may groups of friends and families come here to spend a day in the lap of nature. The river Song that flows by Mal Devta makes the spot all the more beautiful. One can also visit the Maldevta temple, the star spot of the place. Lachhiwala is another well-known picnic spot of Dehra which is encircled by Sal trees. It is also a nice trekking spot as it is located away from the main city.

Nagthat is another beautiful spot of Dehradun. Though it is lesser known and much less frequented by tourists, the place is a paradise. The place gets covered in snow during the winters and visitors can build snowmen here. It is also a perfect place to snuggle with your significant other on a romantic get-away. 

Another famous place is the Robber’s Cave or Gucchupani. These are river caves and are known for the disappearing streams, hence deriving the name gucchupani. The Tapovan is believed to be the place where Guru Dronacharya performed penance.

The Asan barrage offers the water sports facilities to tourists. It was established in 1994 by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam. It offers boating, kayaking and canoeing facilities to water sports lovers. It is also called photographer’s paradise as a number of rare and migratory birds can be spotted here.

There are Forest Research Institute, Rajaji National Park, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology and Dehradun Zoo are places for wildlife enthusiasts. 

Dehradun is the perfect place for a family vacation and for newly wedded couples who need quiet time with each other. A number of resorts offer accommodation with beautiful views. To go to Dehradun via Delhi, it is a good idea to get bikes on rent from Delhi and ride your way there via Saharanpur. You can hire two-wheelers of your choice and those who wish to get scooters on rent in Delhi are also in luck as the Delhi bike rentals allow you to choose from a large fleet of two-wheelers according to your need and comfort.