Road Trip from Delhi to Kangra

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Distance from Delhi to Kangra

Road-trip from Delhi to Kangra

8 h 8 min (453.8 km) via NH44 and NH503
10 h 36 min (559.7 km) via NH9
10 h 52 min (557.0 km) via NH9 and Chandigarh-Chintapurni-Dharamshala Rd

Delhi to Kangra Duration: 8-11 Hours

Kangra, formerly known as Nagarkot, is a district of Himachal Pradesh. It was funded by the rulers of the Chandravanshi lineage. The district lies in the Western Himalayas and varies in altitude, ranging from 400 m above sea level at the lowest point to 5500 meters as the highest in Bara Bhanghal. Kangra lies 454 km from Delhi and it takes about 9 hours to reach the hill station via NH 44 and NH503. Bikers who wish to go to Kangra on a road trip with friends can hire bikes in Delhi from the growing Delhi bike rentals at an affordable price. Since Kangra is situated on a hilly terrain it is advised to get sturdy bikes like Royal Enfield on rent from Delhi so that it can take the load. You can also hire scooters in Delhi but they would be more suitable for plains rather than hills.

Kangra has a number of places of breathtaking beauty and is home to the Masroor Rock Cut Temple aka the Himalayan Pyramids, a strong contender for UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.  The valley of Kangra is one of the most beautiful and green valleys of India and is sheltered by the beautiful Dhauldhar mountain range.

There are many sacred temples located in Kangra to which tourists and locals come to offer prayers. The Brajeshwari Temple is considered to be the more spiritually enlightening place of Kangra. It is located a few minutes’ walk from the main market of Kangra. The Baijnath temple is another fine blend of nature and architecture and is a much visited site. Jwala Devi Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths of India and is highly revered by devotees. It is said that the inextinguishable blue flame symbolizes the presence of the Goddess despite coming in contact with water. The temple is located in a sanctum. It is located at a distance of 35 km from Kangra but is worth a visit. The Chamunda Devi temple, located 15 k from the town is a temple dedicated to Goddess Chamunda and the statues of Lord Hanuman and Bhairava guard the statue of the Goddess. It is one of the most popular temples of Kangra.

Apart from the temples, Kangra is also known for its majestic fort. The origin of the fort can be traced back to the Trigarta Kingdom, mentioned in the epic legend Maharbharat. It is the largest forts of the Himalayan and perhaps one of the most ancient one in the history of India. The fort now lies in runs but still has the aura and grandeur associated with the royals.

The Lake Kareri, a shallow lake formed by the melting of snow of the Dhauldhar mountains. The freshwater lake is crystal clear and the bed of the lake is visible too. It is a spectacular site and trekkers can go there for trekking to the Lake Kareri, which offers more panoramic views than the Tirund pass.

Pragpur, Palampur and Haripur are few other picturesque cities of the Kangra district and one can pay these towns a visit too. Bikers can get bikes on rent from Delhi so that they can travel to these towns at will. The growing trend of bike hiring in Delhi has become quite popular among the youth and the bike rentals of Delhi provide the customers a huge range of two-wheelers to choose from. One can easily visit Kangra by road on their rented two-wheelers, making the trip more adventurous.