Road Trip from Delhi to Pushkar

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Distance from Delhi to Pushkar

Road-trip from Delhi to Pushkar

7 h 28 min (414.5 km) via NH48
8 h 58 min (472.7 km) via NH21 and NH48
9 h (440.0 km) via NH334B

Delhi to Pushkar Duration: 7-9 Hours

Pushkar is a holy town located in district of Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan. It is about 420 km from Delhi via NH 48 and it takes around 7-8 hours to reach the town by road. Though a number of trains are available too, the rail ride only takes longer (around 13 hours) and hence people prefer to visit the town by road. People who wish to hire bikes from Delhi to visit Pushkar, can approach the Delhi bike rentals and pick up a bike on rent to ride to Pushkar. Other two-wheelers on rent in Delhi are also available.

Pushkar, located on the banks of the Pushkar lake is one of the oldest cities of India. Pushkar is one of the five pilgrimage sited for Hindu devotees. It is believed that after the death of his wife Sati, Lord Shiva cried and shed a lot of tears which resulted in the formation of two ponds one in Pushkar and the other one in Katas Raj, now in Chakwal District of Pakistan. Thus Pushkar attracts a lot of devotees of Lord Shiva who come from farthest of places to worship this pond.

There are a number of temples in Pushkar and the most sacred one is the Brahma temple which was built during the 14th century. The Pushkar lake has 52 ghats where pilgrims descend to take a dip in the sacred waters. It is said that if a Hindu pilgrim has not visited Pushkar, he will not attain salvation. Hence Pushkar holds a lot of importance for the Hindus in India.

According to the legend, Lord Brahma was searching for a place to perform a Yagya and he found this place suitable for his purpose. When he came to know that a demon called Vajranash was killing the people of the town, he intoned a mantra on a lotus flower and killed the demon.

Pushkar is also known for its annual Pushkar Fair, a camel fair for traders who have to travel across the desert. The fair is a time for merry-making for the localities. It is the largest cattle fair of India. Thousands of people in their colorful traditional attire gather here to bathe in the Holy Lake and pray to the deities. The whole town rejoices in vibrant folk music, dances, magic shows, horse and camel races and lots of traditional spicy dishes to relish.

Tourists can explore the desert on a camel safari when they visit Pushkar. The camels are trained to let tourists explore the rugged terrain of the Thar Desert. The Aravalli range is one of the oldest mountain ranges of the country and the vast sand desert offer a spectacular view of the sunrise, sunset and the brilliant shining stars at night. Many people come here to camp in the desert to experience what it feels like to sleep under the canopy of stars. Other places of interest include the Savitri temple, atop the Ratnagiri Hill and Old Pushkar which has now been rebuilt around the old lake.

You can pick up a Bullet on rent in Delhi, as it is suitable for the rough terrain and go for a ride to Pushkar. Those who wish to hire scooters in Delhi instead of bikes can do so as the bike rentals in Delhi offer a variety of two-wheelers on rent to suit your need and comfort.