Road Trip from Jaipur to Bikaner

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Distance from Jaipur to Bikaner

Road-trip from Jaipur to Bikaner

5 h 2 min (334.4 km) via NH52 and NH11
6 h 24 min (383.3 km) via NH11
6 h 22 min (352.7 km) via Bikaner - Barmer Rd/Bikaner - Nagaur Rd

Jaipur to Bikaner Duration: 5-6 Hours

Founded and established by Rao Bika in 1486, the city of Bikaner is situated to the northwest of the state of Rajasthan - a prime hub for tourists. Also known as the camel country, it is situated in Thar Desert, surrounded by Marwar and Jaisalmer regions and has a history that pre-dates the Mughal Era. The city is a charm in itself, beckoning travellers all over the globe to come visit. Once into the street markets of this city, one can find a plethora of traditional handicraft items and Rajasthani art forms thronging the place. It is an influential trade centre dealing with products like wool, carpets, grains, building stones etc. However, tourists who come to Bikaner find the real fascination in its colossal palaces, historical forts & monuments, exotic camel safaris and temples. The bumpy camel rides of Bikaner are a major attraction here. This dusty and torrid city gives you the feel of a desert yet leaves you with a glimpse of a bygone Indian era.

Bikaner is also renowned for its extravagant festivities. Since Bikaner was founded on an auspicious ‘Akshaya Tritiya’ day, it is on this occasion every year people celebrate and rejoice Akha Teej by flying kites and eating special Rajasthani food. Another popular fair is the Kolyat fair held during the month of August on a full moon day every year where people take the dip in the Kolyat lake to cleanse themselves. Further, this city also celebrates the Gangaur festival and the Camel festival, the latter being organized by the state government’s Department of Tourism, Art and Culture to which people from all over the globe attend and take part.

Want to experience more of Rajasthani art, music, food, culture, heritage and tradition minus the bustle of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer? Then, Bikaner is the ideal getaway place for you. With motorbikes, one could plan an easy sight-seeing trip to the famous Junagarh fort, Jain temple, Deshkone temple or a long bike ride on the roads along the desert is a dream to many passionate riders. We at Wheelstreet provide various two-wheelers suited to different needs, all at affordable prices to make your weekend holiday a bargain to you.

Bikaner is connected to almost all major cities of India by air, rail and road.

Air – Jodhpur airport is the nearest to Bikaner at 251kms. From the airport, one can board a bus or hire the taxi to Bikaner. Alternatively, Wheelstreet offers bikes for rent at Jodhpur for those who want to feel the desert ride.

Rail – Bikaner has its own railway station and should not be a problem for tourists who prefer rail over the air for travelling. Once at Bikaner, one can hire a taxi for sightseeing or rent a bike depending on the needs.

Road – Bikaner has regular bus connectivity from various cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Ajmer, Jaisalmer, Delhi, Agra etc.