Road Trip from Jaipur to Mt Abu

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Distance from Jaipur to Mt Abu

Road-trip from Jaipur to Mt Abu

7 h 11 min (494.1 km) via Beawar - Pindwara Rd
8 h 15 min (538.6 km) via NH58
8 h 19 min (541.8 km) via NH48

Jaipur to Mt Abu Duration: 7-9 Hours

Mount Abu formerly known as, Arbudaanchal and belonging to the Aravali range, is the only hill station in Rajasthan. Lying to the south of the state, nearby to Gujrat, it belongs to Rajasthan’s Sirohi district. It is believed that it was given its ancient name, after the snake god, Arbuda. Mount Abu’s highest peak is Guru Shikar. Due to its height, this place has a lot of lakes, rivers, trees and greenery around. And because of this quality, it is very commonly referred to as “an oasis in the desert”.

This place is of great interest to historians and archaeologists from across the globe, as this is a medieval site.  This region is believed to be the origin of the Gurjar community and the spiritual headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris faith community is also situated in Mount Abu. One can see a plethora of temples belonging to both the Hindi as well as the Jain community. The Adhar Devi (a rock cut) Temple, Shri Raghunathji Temple that is dedicated to god Dattatreya are a few famous temples dedicated to the Hindu gods. Apart from these, there are a lot of Jain temples like The Achaleshwar temple and The Kanthinath Temple. But the most well-known temple is the Dilwara Temples. It is truly an archaeological marvel. Dilwara temple is, in fact, a complex of many temples which are built out of marble and is very popular for its intricate design. Apart from these temples, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary attracts thousands of tourists every year. It has been established in order to protect the rare species of plants and animals present in and around that region. While in Mt Abu, make sure to visit the Nakki lake, that offers you a serene view of the surroundings.

The temples, old forts, the rich culture, a royal heritage and unique carvings and paintings make Mt Abu an abode for tourists and explorers. The fact that this region is very well connected to many major cities of India only reinforces its popularity. The roads connecting this place to the major cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur etc are very well maintained. In fact, a bike ride to this exquisite place would be an absolute joy for young adventure enthusiasts. With so many options available to get two-wheelers on rent in and around the city from various bike rental stores, hiring a bike has become a very easy task. It also provides one with many options to choose from for this adventure.