Road Trip from Jaisalmer to Mandore

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Distance from Jaisalmer to Mandore

Road-trip from Jaisalmer to Mandore

4 h 30 min (278.8 km) via NH11 and NH125
4 h 34 min (291.1 km) via NH11 and RJ SH61
4 h 37 min (264.9 km) via NH11 and MDR32

Jaisalmer to Mandore Duration: 4-5 Hours

Located in the center part of Rajasthan at about 9 km north to Jodhpur, lies the historic town of Mandore. Mandavyapura, as it was originally called in the pre-historic times, was the old capital of the Jodhpur kings and the Marwar region until 1459 A.D when it was shifted to Jodhpur by Rao Jodha – founder of Jodhpur. Interestingly, this beautiful city with an epic but forgotten history finds its mention in Ramayana as Queen Mandodari – wife of Ravan – hailed from this place and hence people of Mandore consider Ravan to be their son-in-law. The erstwhile capital was abandoned when it was shifted to Jodhpur as the latter offered better protection at the Mehrangarh Fort and also owing to multiple invasions from Mohammed Bin Tughlaq, Allauddin Khilji and others. The fort of Mandore, once a piece of architectural marvel, now lies in ruins and is a converted museum which is often habited by primates. This archaic desert town welcomes tourists with its lush green gardens, stunning ancient architectural masterpieces and lots of street vendors with impressive handicrafts that display the craftsmanship of the people.

Mandore boasts of several monuments, of which, the Mandore Gardens take the main spotlight. One can see cenotaphs of the Maharajas of Jodhpur built from red sandstones which are marked respectively for each king. A crucial thing to be noticed here is that no cenotaph is similar to another and these are adorned with awe-inspiring carvings all over. Birds of different species flock the gardens giving us a soothing presence. An afternoon siesta in the shades of trees in this garden would be a jackpot to any traveller, unarguably. A little further down the road, we find the Mandore Fort, which is now a museum, inside which, is a huge temple which serves as the main point of attraction in the museum premises. The walls of this half ruined temple are carved with animals, birds, plants and likewise.Another not-so-heard-of-yet-famous temple that deserves a mention is the Ravan Temple. As mentioned earlier, Brahmins of this place worship Ravan as his wife was a native of this place.

Once you step out of the Mandore Gardens, it is that moment for street shopaholics to go bonkers. With the little colorful earthen wares and skilled handicraft items laden on the street side, it is but evident that the workmanship of the items entices you to add all of them to your ensemble.

Even though this place was abandoned by the rulers in the past, today this small town has still retained its original charm and appeal which any visitor should not overlook. With Wheelstreet offering best deals on bike rentals, one can embark on a ride which helps explore the serene, untouched beauty of the largest state of our nation at their own convenience.

How to reach Mandore:

Air – The nearest airport is at Jodhpur which is 9kms from Mandore. With lots of connecting buses and taxis from Jodhpur, one could easily reach Mandore. One other option would be to rent a motorcycle till Mandore from nearby bike rental stores.

Rail – Again, one has to come to Jodhpur railway station and from there can board a bus or hire a taxi or hire a bike till Mandore.

Road – Mandore can be reached on road from Jodhpur which in turn is well connected to major cities of India. Wheelstreet offers bikes on rent at affordable costs making the travel less cumbersome and more comfortable for the tourist.