Road Trip from Jaisalmer to Osiyan

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Distance from Jaisalmer to Osiyan

Road-trip from Jaisalmer to Osiyan

3 h 44 min (242.4 km) via NH11 and RJ SH61
3 h 56 min (230.9 km) via NH11
4 h 55 min (287.6 km) via NH11 and NH125

Jaisalmer to Osiyan Duration: 3-5 Hours

Osiyan town, a mere 65kms north of the better known Jodhpur is referred to as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan. This place goes a long way back to the 8th century. A very old settlement, this place was the center for Brahminism. It was considered as a major trading hub and a commercial center, especially during the Gupta Period. An interesting information about this place is that it was shut down completely for a short period of time, after which it was restored by the ruler Utpaldena. Utpaldena being a Jain himself, preached Jainism to the folks of Osiyan. Ever since Jainism has been the predominant path to be followed. Having said that, the Hindu culture, though not very dominant still managed to thrive on the lands. The presence of Hindu temple remains, along with the many Jain temples, is proof to this fact.

This culturally rich place which was discerned as the cultural capital of the Mewar Kingdom was home to many exquisitely designed temples. Though most of them are in ruins today, around 18 of the original 100+ temples exist to be perceived by the eyes today. The most notable ones are The Sun Temple, Sachiya Mata Temple and The Mahavira Temple. All these temples date back to the medieval period.
The Mahavira Temple – It was erected by King Vatsa belonging to the Pratihara Dynasty in the year 783 AD. This sacred temple is reckoned as the Pilgrimage center of the Jain community specifically the Oswal Jain community. Apart from being a place of religious importance, this temple is an architectural marvel, showcasing the carving prowess of the artists of that era. A statue of Lord Mahavira stands tall at the center of the sanctum, thereby giving the temple its name.
The Sachiya Mata Temple – This holy space is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Sachi, believed to be the wife of Lord Indra(The rain god). Apart from Goddess Sachi, this temple also houses 2 other shrines - Chandi Devi and Amba Mata. As you trace the walls of this temple you can witness beautiful images and sculptures of Hindu pantheons.
The sun temple – As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to the Sun god. Built in the 10
th century, this temple houses a spectacular idol of Lord Surya along with the idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Durga.

This city was attacked by the Turkish ruler and his followers Muhammad Ghori in 1195. The dwellers of this town fled during the attack and the place has been deserted ever since. This attack destroyed most of the settlement and the remains of it are what we can witness today in this region. Recently, this place saw its first industry, the Astonfield’s solar power plant. 

While in Osiyan don’t forget to experience the typical Osiyan life. On the edge of the Thar desert, you can relish the sultry feeling of a desert village life along with camel safaris and camping. Go on a camel safari and pay the local potters and weavers a visit. The camel polo and camel camp would pleasantly surprise you.

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