Road Trip from Mumbai to Daman

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Distance from Mumbai to Daman

Road-trip from Mumbai to Daman

3 h 6 min (176.9 km) via NH48
3 h 56 min (190.9 km) via NH848 and NH48

Mumbai to Daman Duration: 3-4 Hours

Daman is a union territory that lies in the midst of the Arabian Sea, Gujarat and the state of Maharashtra. A place where nature has taken its best form, scenic charms, and mind-blowing views is what constitutes to the beauty. The calm surroundings and clean air are sure to bring in peace and tranquility into your life. Adding to all this beauty is its rich history, culture, and heritage that go back to over a couple of thousand years. Daman was once under the rule of the Portuguese and also has a history of being ruled by a number of Dynasties.

This place is also very famous for its festivals of which Nariyal Poornima is a major festival celebrated widely. Although this place attracts people through the year, the time period from October to March is considered the best time. Considering the rich culture and heritage of this place, it is a home to several world famous monuments, temples, and so on. Food is available in plenty, whether it is exotic flavors, Vegetarian or Nonvegetarian, Parsee food or Gujrathi food. Daman is known for its amazing street food culture that makes it one of the few places where you will be able to enjoy tasty delicacies.  Since the roads are excellent in this place, tourists usually take a bike rent when they venture out. 

There are also notable restaurants on the bed of beaches, where sea food and meat is its best. Pind Punjab Da, Veera da Dhaba, Tawakkal, Hotel Mirawar is some of the restaurants that offer really good seafood, meat, and also authentic North Indian cuisines. Some of the beautiful beaches to visit are Devka Lake, Jampore Lake, and Gotmala Beach. If you’re a fan of ancient Indian Architecture, then you are sure to adore the architectural excellence of the St Jerome Fort, Cathedral of Bom Jesus and also bask into the exquisiteness of the Mirasol Lake Garden. 

Daman over the years has developed the best transportation network, by the help of which people can travel effortlessly in and around the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The nearest Airport in Daman is a little over 190kms from the city, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Air Deccan are some of the commonly used Aircraft. The Railway service in this place is also very good, with its nearest Railway station located a little more than 10kms from the city of Ahmedabad and also in Maharashtra. Road transport is also exquisite as this place has amazing roads, that people often enjoy riding on. Owing to the beauty of the roads tourists usually chooses to hire a bike, bike rentals have been able to help people get any bikes on rent, whether it is a superbike on rent or an imported bike on rent.