Road Trip from Mumbai to Vadodara

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Distance from Mumbai to Vadodara

Road-trip from Mumbai to Vadodara

8 h 34 min (471.5 km) via NH48 and NH953
7 h 12 min (417.8 km) via NH48

Mumbai to Vadodara Duration: 7-9 Hours

Located on the banks of the river Vishwamitri, Vadodara boasts about an amazing history of culture and heritage going back to 800 AD. With exquisite Palaces, Museums, and Parks this place is a sought out holiday destination. According to ancient history, Vadodara has the credit of being ruled by the Mughals and the Britons. 

Food in Vadodara is amazingly tasty, from the sambar vada to the Uttapam, Dosa this place has it all. You will also be able to enjoy mouth-watering Thai and Chinese delicacies, at Barbeque Nation and Chow wok Fire. Filter coffee and Mango sharbat are two the most famous drinks in this area. Canara Café, Moneez Restaurant, Da Vintage are a few of the most famous food joints.

Owing to its rich culture and heritage, this place has a large number of historical monuments, parks, lakes, and Temples. Sursagar Lake, Hathnimata, Narmada canal are some of the natural spots of beauty. Motibaug Palace and Laxmi Villas Palace are two of the well-known Palaces, EME Temple, ISKON Temple is two of the important temples.

Shopping in this place is an amazing experience, as it has several shopping malls, street shops where you will be able to enjoy and purchase numerous collections of clothes, shoes, accessories and more. Maha Fatesigh Museum is another sought out hangout destination. Due to its scenic beauty, people prefer to rent a bike to ride around this city. Champaner is a common holiday spot that tourists often visit with bikes on rent. Dabohi is another place that people visit, with the help of bike rental services. People usually rent out bikes from superbikes on rent to imported bikes.