Road Trip from Pune to Kamshet

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Distance from Pune to Kamshet

Road-trip from Pune to Kamshet

1 h 12 min (47.4 km) via NH48
1 h 35 min (79.3 km) via Bangalore - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Expy and NH48

Pune to Kamshet Duration: 1-2 Hours

Kamshet is a very popular destination for its adventure sports. It is a town belonging to the Pune district of Maharashtra state. It is at a short distance of 45 kms from Pune and just 16kms from the twin hill station – Lonavla and Khandala. At an altitude of 670 m above sea level, this area usually remains cooler than its counterparts, all throughout the year.  Kamshet is home to several small traditional villages. It also acts as a railhead for these villages. Maval market hosts an array of fresh vegetables and fruits every Tuesday, which is visited by people from all over the area.
Caves, temples and forts are an intimate part of this surrounding. Karla caves, Bedsa caves and Bhaja caves are the major attractions to tourists. All the three caves are unique, representing different architectural styles. Apart from these, as mentioned before there are magnificent temples that are a true feast to the eyes. Surrounded by dense forest all around, the Kondeshwara temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. So are the Vidveshwar and sangameshwar temples.

This place serves a variety of mouth-watering delicacies. Misal pav, Pav bhaji, Bhej puri, Puran poli, these are a few dishes that one can relish while in town. The dry fruit milkshake, famously called “Mastani” is Kamshet’s trademark drink.

Kamshet ranks second in India as a destination for paragliding. This place sees number of adventure sport enthusiasts visiting throughout the year. The weather condition of the town allows for flying almost every day of the year. There are various schools that are set up that train people for paragliding, offering intermediate to advanced training. The famous locations for this activity are –
Tower Hill – preferred from October to January.
Shelar – used from January onwards.
Vadivale Lake
Lake Pavna

Trekking is another activity that can be enjoyed while in Kamshet. The waterfall at the Kondshwari temple seed a lot of trekking enthusiasts, who trek along the drop of the ghats. Apart from this, the Tikona peth is a great place to trek, this place is at a height of 3400 ft above sea level, and a panoramic view is available from atop the fort. Water and camping facilities are available at the top.

Kamshet is easily accessible, as regular local trains run between Pune and the place. If travelling from Mumbai, a train to Lonavla and a local tran further would serve the purpose. Although train facilities are prompt, the roadway to Kamshet from Pune offers a different kind of joy and thrill. The best of experience is on two wheels. With bikes easily available for rent from Pune, the 1.5 hour ride to this place comes like a breath of fresh air. You can hire superbikes from Wheelstreet and begin your adventure journey further continue it upon reaching the destination.