Road Trip from Pune to Khandala

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Distance from Pune to Khandala

Road-trip from Pune to Khandala

1 h 23 min (68.9 km) via Bangalore - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Expy
1 h 33 min (69.7 km) via Mumbai - Pandharpur Rd and Bangalore - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Expy

Pune to Khandala Duration: 1-2 Hours

Khandala is a typical Indian hill station. Lush green scenery, breathtaking cliff views, fresh lakes, numerous waterfalls and cool climate define this heavenly place. This place gained huge popularity when it got mentioned in a famous Bollywood song. Being just 7 kms away from the outskirts of Mumbai, Khandala sees humongous road as well as rail traffic on an everyday basis. This is also because the Mumbai-Pune expressway passes through it. Its proximity to Lonavala, which is a commercial center in itself, only makes its case stronger.

Apart from having commercial significance, it is also a very popular destination for tourists and adventure freaks. Being surrounded by mountain ranges allows for exciting activities like rock climbing and mountain climbing to take place. This is, in fact, a commercial activity that takes place daily. While in Khandala you may not want to miss out on these amazing spots – The tiger’s leap, Bushi dam, Karla and Bhanja caves and Amrutanjan point. Duke point it the place, where rock climbing takes place. The onset of monsoon, drastically transforms the place, making it feel like heaven on earth. The serenity associated with this place can’t be explained, but only experienced.

In spite of being one of the most sought after weekend getaways for the folks of Mumbai and Pune, this place has been successful in staying away from becoming overtly commercialized, avoiding the mainstream tag and hasn’t lost its charm, as it has something to offer to every visitor.

Being situated on the Mumbai-Pune expressway makes Khandala the Quintessential pit stop for all motorcyclists. The expressway is truly a dream to ride on. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, that every person who has ridden a bike at least once would surely have dreamt of riding on this expressway once in a lifetime. That is how good the stretch is. It seems like this stretch of road was created to be ridden on. Well, with bike rentals having become so easy, this dream can be easily realized. All you would have to do is, make a call and hire a bike. We here at Wheetstreet, provide you with plenty of options ranging from bullets to superbikes to choose from. Along with it, we offer helmets and other bike accessories free of cost. So, why wait, pick up your phone, rent a bike, push the pedal and zoom away on this concrete miracle.