Road Trip from Pune to Mulshi

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Distance from Pune to Mulshi

Road-trip from Pune to Mulshi

1 h 21 min (40.4 km) via Paud Rd
1 h 22 min (43.6 km) via Mulshi Rd/Mulshi-Paud Rd
1 h 29 min (47.9 km) via Aundh Rd and Mulshi Rd/Mulshi-Paud Rd

Pune to Mulshi Duration: 1-2 Hours

Mulshi is a valley in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is just 45 odd kms away from Pune, which makes it a quick weekend escape destination for the city dwellers. With amazing roads, Mulshi makes for a perfect bike trip. With Wheelstreet and its fleet of bikes available for rental, this trip becomes all the more easy and hassle free. One can easily rent a bike and head towards this peaceful location to enjoy its breath-taking view.

If you are a nature lover, Mulshi must be on your, must visit list. The dam built there is a magnificent piece of construction. This small place comes to life during monsoons. The raindrops pattering on lush green lands is a sight to look forward to. Away from all the hustle of city life and technology, and closer to nature, this place is just the perfect place to rejuvenate and unwind. It stands as a prominent tourist location. The Tamhini Ghat offers a picturesque view as well.

The easiest way to reach Mulshi is by road. The fastest route is the Paud road from Pune, which will take you approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to reach the place. Spare a weekend for yourself, and ride away to this awe-inspiring place. If you don’t own a bike, you can hire a bike within the blink of an eye and give yourself the gift of nature.