Road Trip from Pune to Panchgani

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Distance from Pune to Panchgani

Road-trip from Pune to Panchgani

2 h 23 min (101.6 km) via NH48
2 h 52 min (108.3 km) via NH48 and Bhor Mandhardevi Rd

Pune to Panchgani Duration: 2-3 Hours

Encompassed by 5 hill ranges in the Sahyadri mountain range, Panchgani stands true to its name. This hill station is situated in Maharashtra, surrounded by 5 villages namely - Dandeghar, Khingar, Godwali, Amral & Taighat. The river Krishna flows through the valley, on which stands the Dhom Dam. The mountain ranges on one side and plains to the other further reinforce its beauty.

Currently famous for its educational institutions and rehabilitation centers, Panchgani once served as a summer getaway destination for British officers during the British Raj in India. With its cool climate, especially during summers, Panchgani saw more and more people visiting and settling in the city. Today it is counted amongst one of the best tourist locations for a weekend getaway for city dwellers. It hosts a lot of travellers from Mumbai and Pune as the city is pretty close to both these commercial centres. People wanting to take a break from their monotonous busy lifestyles find their perfect escapade in here. It is ideal for all those who are looking forward to getting lost amidst nature, away from all the hassle. Some of the prominent tourist attractions in Panchgani are – Sydney point, Devil’s Kitchen, Parsi point, Mapro Garden, Lingmala falls. It also hosts a strawberry festival every year in summer.
It is equally popular for its top class Educational Institutions which offer the best of services. It is currently home to more than 40 Residential Schools. It is also seen as a good location for rehabilitation and convalescence.

After having stayed away from the shutterbugs for a very long time, Panchgani is now growing in popularity as a tourist location and attracting a large number of tourists than ever, which is in turn leading to over commercialization of the area.
Panchgani is a comfortable motorcycle ride away from both Mumbai and Pune. Being a short detour away from the Pune-Goa route, it is a favourite pit stop destination for bikers and other travellers. With bike rentals becoming easier by the day, this hill station can be easily travelled to. With Wheelstreet services offering a variety of bikes to choose from, all you have to do is make a call, hire a bike and make the journey a reality.