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About Khanyar

“Ride through the beautiful mountains and feast your eyes to the beautiful sceneries”

Khanyar is known for its beautiful architecture buildings and ancient temples which were built over several years back. This place is also known have amazingly built mosques also, which has a huge number of people visiting it on a daily basis. This place is also known for its several apple orchids that are commonly found in every corner of this locality. Khanyar is also extremely famous for its cricket bat factories that commonly located in these areas. The biggest advantage of visiting Srinagar as a whole is that you can enjoy the scenery of snow filled mountains and the Dal Lake. This locality is famous for its mouth-watering momos and beautifully flavored soups; if you are a foodie you are sure to enjoy the taste of these Kashmiri delicacies. But some of the biggest disadvantages are that the temperature in these parts of the country is always extreme. Due to these extreme climatic conditions,

What can I do when I visit Khanyar?

Take an amazing through the beautiful mountains

This place is famous for its beautiful mountains and amazing scenery spots, It has become a dream of every bike rider to take a spin through this beautiful area on a Bullet or a Harley Davidson.

Visit the beautiful temples

Srinagar is commonly known for its beautiful ancient temples, this temple is known to attract several people from all over the world.

Ride through the beautiful gullies of Khanyar

A ride through the beautiful gullies will lead you to small street shops where you can feast on the best momos, soups and more.

One of the common reasons why people visit these hill stations is to enjoy a long ride. But these people seldom have the financial backing to go on these rides, with the help of Wheelstreet you will be able to go easily on the best bikes in the world. We at Wheelstreet we feel it is our responsibility to help these riders go on those rides, to Khanyar with the help of our rent a bike service.

Why choose Wheelsteert to hire a bike?

With an amazing backing of 4000 bikes on rent, we have been able to help several rides live their dream of riding to hill stations on a regular basis. Whether it is Bullet on rent or a Harley Davidson for rent, we try to provide it all. Through our bike rental services, we intend to cater to the needs of any type of customer, based in any part of the country.